Day 9Contributed by Katakis | カタキス (39520) on Jul 12, 2005.

"And then the wheel went round and round, I could not find my way.
Twelve and three and turn the key, I heard the madman say..."

You arrive at the Wheel-Within-A-Wheel, which you just saw in one of the books in the library. Enter the structure. Go through each of the rooms and get the tiles from the walls and floors. Some of the titles you cannot get, but they are in its rightful place. In the ninth room, pick up the snake rod. (The entrance to the wheel is in Room 6, so Room 9 is three screens north.) After having gotten the tiles, enter inventory and examine each tile to find out how many snakes they are on them. Now leave inventory and go through each room, then place the tiles in the wall that corresponds to the room. Go to room 3. There, use the snake rod on the tile's knothole.

This next part may be difficult. As soon as you insert the rod into the tile, mummies start coming after you. Have Gabriel run three screens north to the entrance, and use the OPERATE cursor on the vines to swing into the next room Indiana Jones style. Here, you see Wolfgang holding off the mummies. While he is doing this, use the snake rod on the hole you see just inside the doorway.

Phew! That was close. You are now inside the Inner Wheel. Walk east and look at the bars on the wall, then look at the top of the pedestal. Pick up both bars and put them in the pedestal. Push the bars in place using the PUSH/PULL cursor. Now go west and use the knife on the dead body at the bottom of the screen. Gabriel will hear Wolfgang's screams, and decides to investigates, only to find Wolfgang lie dead on the pedestal. Gabriel will then curse Tetelo for what she has done (“Damn you, Tetelo. You're going to pay for this, you bitch!”) The ninth day will end with Gabriel traveling back to New Orleans.

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