Grand Prix Manager Credits


Original DesignEdward Grabowski
ProgrammingEdward Grabowski
ProducerStephen Hand
Additional ProgrammingSteven Goodwin
Additional DevelopmentBen Bloss, Margaret Grabowski, Darren White
GraphicsGeri Allen, Erik Casey, James Horsler, Gary Ward, Claire Shandley
Additional GraphicsAndy Cook, Drew Northcott
Title animationGreg Shill
Audio ProducerJohn Broomhall
SoundRichard Wells, Andrew Parton, Flynn Leek
MusicRichard Wells, Andrew Parton, Flynn Leek
CD atmospheresMatt Vowles (Sprockets and Bytes)
QA ManagerAndrew Luckett
TestingPhilip McDonnell, Jason Sampson, Donald Witcombe, Craig Lear, Daniel Luton, Darren Kirby, Justin Manning, Patrice Stauder, Zoe Steadman
Manual PhotographsJohn Townsend (Formula One Pictures), Autosport Magazine, Corel Photo Library
TranslationsPolylang , Microprose 
Special Thanks toDavid Owen (of Williams), Ian Harrison (of Williams), Simon Strang (Autosport Magazine), Jed Leicester (Sutosport Magazine), Scott K. Tsumura, Sheila Boughten, Jamie McCallum
Manual TextsAndy Hutchinson
Manual DesignSarah Warburton
Editoral OfficerAlkis Alkiviades
Product ManagementJohn Davis
PublisherRob Davies

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Credits for this game were contributed by Max Headroom (29) and formercontrib (159938)