Iron Helix Credits


Original ConceptDrew Huffman
DesignDrew Huffman, J. A. Nelson, Bill Zettler
Lead ProgrammingJ. A. Nelson, Bill Zettler
ProgrammingScott Burgess, Alex Louie, Dave Shields
Graphics / 3D ProgrammingLawrence Chandler, Rich Cohen, Charles Rose, Mark Sullivan, Carrie Galbraith
3D ModellingDrew Huffman
MusicPeter Stone
SoundPeter Stone
ProductionAnna Esquavel, Guymond Louie, Fred Sharpels, Vincent Carella
Art DirectorRich Cohen
DocumentationVincent Carrella, Robert Giedt, Marisa Ong
ProducerDrew Huffman
DirectorDrew Huffman
Project ManagerKathryn Lynch, Meg Storey
Writing / Dialogue / StoryVincent Carrella, Drew Huffman
PlaytestingErin Manning
Quality AssuranceSean Blair, Kurt Boutin, Aaron Podway, Derwin Wyatt, Evan Birkby, Jeffrey Love
Acting / VoiceoversAlicia Stone, Stephanie Winters
UndeterminedChris Green, Jim Rossi, Phill Simon
Special Thanks ToJudy Biletnikoff, Tom Byron, Pat Feely, Barbara Gleason, Rita Harrington, Barry James Folsom, Lucija Kordic, Harvey Lee, Sharon LoSasso, Gilman Louie, Ron Martinez, Ann Pratt, The Design Office of Wong & Yeo; San Francisco
MarketingVincent Carella
Public RelationsVincent Carella
ManagementErin Manning

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5366) and formercontrib (159638)