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The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time (Windows 3.x)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time Credits


Story byDavid Flanagan, Michel Kripalani, Phil Saunders
Written ByDavid Flanagan
Project ManagerFarshid Almassizadeh
Conceptual DesignVictor Navone, Phil Saunders
Art DirectorE. J. Dickson III
Lead 3D ModelerJose Albanil
3D ModelerLeif Einarsson
Texture DesignersE. J. Dickson III, Frank Vitale
Computer AnimatorsShadi Almassizadeh, Eric Fernandes, Eric Hook
Original Music and Sound DesignBob Stewart
Original Sound DesignBob Stewart
Lead/Mac ProgrammerGreg Uhler
MPC ProgrammerDavid Black
Systems EngineerPrakash Kripalani
Executive ProducerMichael Grant
Creative DirectorPhil Saunders
ProducerMichel Kripalani
Death Scene IllustrationsGary Glover
Additional Writing (Arthur)Matthew Weinhold
SoundstageIOF Studios
Studio ArrangementsJames Stone
LightingSteve Raines
CameraMichael Gerdes
AudioRad Corn
MakeupMichelle Streiter
Jumpsuit PrototypingÉric Allard, Bill Bryan, All Effects Company, Erik Stohl
Jumpsuit Technical SupportHunter Scott
CalligraphyCharlene Alexander
Image ProcessingLauren Morimoto
Latin TranslationEric Dallaire
Windows audio driversJohn Miles
TalentCandace Apple, Susan Beninghoff, Bert Benvenuti, Braulio Busquiazo, Eric Fernandes, Mel Hall, Randy Lefkowitz, Daniel Mann, Todd McCormick, Victor Navone, Michele Scarabelli, Melissa Tan, Eric Thompson, Ray Uhler, David Verbeck, Frank Vitale, Matthew Weinhold
Executive Producer (Sanctuary Woods)Michael Grant
Quality Assurance / TestingMichael Beninger, Tom Bradford, Chris Capell, Bruce Elder, Darren Keetley, Kimberlie Manuel
Product Public RelationsAlicia Peck, Kristy Sager, Jessica Switzer
MarketingCarri Gustafson, Stacey Lamiero, Nancy Miller
Acting / Voiceovers (German Version)Sascha Draeger, Ulla Evrahr, Dorothea Hagena, Wolfgang Kaven, Henry König, Gabriele Libbach, Michael Lott, Michael Quiatkowski, Stefan Schlabritz, Achim Schülke, Christian Stark, Thomas Stein, Frank Vitale, Rüdiger Wolff
Localisation / Translation (German Version)Antje Hink

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