King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Credits


Written byRoberta Williams, Jane Jensen
Designed byRoberta Williams, Jane Jensen
Produced byRobert W. Lindsley, William D. Skirvin
Directed byRoberta Williams, William D. Skirvin, Jane Jensen
Art DesignerWilliam D. Skirvin
ComposerChristopher Braymen
Text & DialogueJane Jensen
Senior ArtistsMichael Hutchison, John Shroades
Team ArtistsRussell Truelove, Deanna Yhalkee
Senior ProgrammerRobert W. Lindsley
Team ProgrammersRandy MacNeill, Robert L. Mallory, Victor Sadauskas
Team Quality AssuranceRobin Bradley
Talent CoordinatorJon E. Grayson
Voice DirectorStuart M. Rosen
Voice TalentRobby Benson, Sheryl Bernstein, Townsend Coleman, Ron Feinberg, David Fennoy, Linda Grey, Tony Jay, Chuck McCann, Don Messick, Patrick Pinney, David Prince, Bill Ratner, Neil Ross, Russi Taylor, Louise Vallance
Character Lip-Syncing (Bright Star Technologies)Kevin Cannon, Todd Greene
Character Lip‑Syncing (Sierra)Eric Kasner, Donald Waller, Christopher Willis
Hi‑Res Character ArtKevin Cannon, Todd Greene, Eric Kasner, Christopher Willis, Donald Waller
Guidebook Written byJane Jensen
Guidebook Illustrated byJohn Shroades
Guidebook Designed byMark Empey
Additional ArtistsDarlou Gams, Tim Loucks, Richard Morgan, Jennifer Shontz, Cindy Walker, Karin Ann Young
Opening Cartoon byKronos:, Stanley Lui & Albert Co
CinematographyRod Fung, Robert Ballew
MusicDan Kehler, Orpheus Hanley, Richard Spurgeon
Sound EffectsDan Kehler, Orpheus Hanley, Richard Spurgeon
Additional ProgrammingDoug Oldfield, Juan Carlos Escobar
Configuration TeamSharon Simmons, Dave Clingman, Roger Clendenning, Tina Deardorff, Douglas Wheeler, Lynne S. Dayton, Matthew Genesi, Michael D. Jones, Diana Mulligan, Sharon Hoban-Smith
Customer ServiceJohn Cunney
Special ThanksTammy Dargan, Rebecca Sebastian, Mark Seibert ('Girl in the Tower' song), Fresno State University, Mike Weiner, KQVI Beta Testers
System DevelopmentEd Critchlow, Dan Foy, J. Mark Hood, Brian K. Hughes, Ken Koch, Terry McHenry, Martin Peters, Larry Scott, Christopher Smith, Mark Wilden

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (16122)