Klik & Play Credits (Windows 3.x)

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Klik & Play Credits


Klik & Play was conceived and programmed byFran├žois Lionet, Yves Lamoureux
Graphic artwork created byMichel Rho, Nick Harper, Etranges Libellules, Nicky Appleby, Lorraine Hall, Juila Boswell, Sarah Mayhew
Klik & Play was managed and humanised byRichard Vanner, Barney Skirvin, Alex Blagg, Derek Meakin, Michael Meakin, David Hirst
Klik & Play manual was created byStephen Hill, Philip Chapman, Stevie Kennedy, Julian Marshall
Gamepack created byBarney Skirvin, Richard Gale, Lorraine Hall, Darren Ithell, Richard Vanner
Sound Samples created byMel Croucher
Music files byDarren Ithell
Help files created byAdrian Worrall
CD-Rom intro created byPhilippe Lamoureux
CD-Rom tutorial narrastion byBrian Trueman
Special thanks for help in creating this software toMichael Perry, Becky O'Brien, Len Tucker, Johan K. Robson

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (126020)