Lost in Time Credits (DOS)

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Lost in Time Credits


Creation/Project Manager Muriel Tramis
CO‑scenario WriterCorinne Carrère
Program ManagerPhilippe Lamarque
ProgrammingMDO, Emmanuel Maguet, Roland Lacoste
GraphicsPascal Pautrot (Paco), Joseph Kluytmans, Jeff Rey
DrawingsThierry Ségur
3D Precalculated GraphicsFrédéric Chauvelot
Video Pictures - Camera MenFrédéric Chauvelot, Pascal Legrand
MusicCharles Callet
Sound EffectsCharles Callet
Translation (German)W. Forster
Translation (Italian)Ida Giordano
PublishingManuelle Mauger
Anne-Lise Prodel
Front Illustration Jeff Rey
Lay‑outAnne-Sophie Bailly
Public RelationsEmmanuelle Kreuz
Production Supervision Roland Oskian


DoraDominique Laurencine
MelkiorFrédérique D.
JarlathLionel Leroy
VelvetAnne-Lise Prodel
MakandalRéné-Guy Tramis
DeliaNathalie Lam
OswaldJean-Michel Jullien
Celeucie/CrispinaSharon Rungasamy
AmilcarDarren Rungasamy
SerapionFélix Sither

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