Microsoft Solitaire (Windows 3.x)

Microsoft Solitaire Windows 3.x Starting with a fresh deal (EGA).


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Wes Cherry developed the original in 1981 when he was an intern for Microsoft. His supervisor was so impressed with Cherry's efforts that they included solitaire in windows 3.0.

Contributed by Scott Monster (923) on Apr 07, 2005. -- edit trivia

This form of solitaire is commonly called Klondike, though it is also known as Canfield, Chinaman, Demon, Fascination, or Small Triangle.

Klondike is one of the harder solitaire games to win at but the option to draw the cards singly rather than three at a time improves your odds greatly.

Contributed by NobodysSon (12) on Mar 05, 2005. -- edit trivia

Originally, there was a "boss-key" which when pressed would display some random .C code, but Microsoft removed that before shipping.

Contributed by Sciere (344374) on Jan 29, 2004. -- edit trivia