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Mummy: Tomb of the Pharaoh (Windows 3.x)

Mummy: Tomb of the Pharaoh Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

Audio message
From Admiral in the Confederacy to Mine Manager...Malcolm McDowell stars in this game, popping up whenever he feels like it to give a hint or make your day miserable.
Title screen
I'm not really a Egyptologist, but I play one in this game. While many of the secondary actors, such as Marcia Pizzo (Bicentennial Man) here, try to put in good performances, McDowell's over the top style tends to dwarf their efforts.
Whew! For a second there, I thought you were The Rock! Men in ancient Egyptian garb are rarely good news in these types of games.
Airplane interior
Here's my stinkin', gigantic ID! Interaction with other people usually just involves either bumping into them or offering them items.
Fans of Egyptian art, even if they're not big fans of these types of games, will most probably enjoy the very well rendered designs and architecture.
The first character you meet
Power house
Jerry Segal, fellow archaeologist
Trailer bed
Stuart Davenport, excavation leader
Cobra guarding some papers
Character caught praying to a statue
Open window to Davenport's office
Davenport's desk
Egyptian box
Mine entrance
Giant fan
Fuel pump