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Advertising Blurbs

Berris Pictures (
    Directed by Ken Berris

    Written by Howard Tullman


    Oscar Nominee Michael Clarke Duncan, Erica Eleniak & David Groh

    This mystery pushed the limits of Interactive entertainment. A CD-ROM interactive movie "whodunit" set against the tapestry of an old amusement park; Panic in the Park offers the viewer relentless thrills and old Coney Island Games to play while the viewer interrogates characters, searches rooms for clues, and endlessly attempts to solve the riddle of the plot.

    Shot on location and studios in Los Angeles and Chicago.

    Distributed by Warner Interactive

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on May 09, 2007.

    Solve the Mystery or the Park Is History

    An interactive adventure starring Erika Eleniak

    Erika Eleniak (A Pyromaniac's Love Story, Under Siege) heats up this interactive adventure CD-ROM game that simmers with style and suspense. A set of twins - one virtuous, one diabolical, both beautiful - are fighting for the fate of aging Skyview amusement park, operated by the twin's father until his recent death.

    But there's more happening behind the park's gates than first meets the eye. As a reporter, you must navigate through a complex web of intrigue to get to the heart of the mystery. It's up to you to help the good twin find the park's missing deed by morning in order to save it from destruction. Bizarre park employees, a variety of engaging games and puzzles with increasing skill level, and more than 200 different outcomes make Panic in the Park an ever-changing adventure with each new play. State-of-the-art computer animation, photo-realistic 3-D environments and full-screen video performances by over 30 different characters make Panic in the Park a cinematic-quality adventure like no other.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on May 09, 2007.