Panic in the Park Credits (Windows 3.x)

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Panic in the Park Credits


StarringErika Eleniak
Created byHoward A. Tullman
Designed byHoward A. Tullman
Written byHoward A. Tullman
Live Action Sequences byKen Berris
Creative DirectorDouglas Heinlein
Digital Video & Post-ProductionAllan Roysdon, Ivan Sheldon
Computer ProgrammingPierre Maloka
3‑D ArtRaymond Leuders, Thom Miecznikowski (as Tom Miecznikowski), Tonya Lyle-Glaister, Jon Cadsby
2‑D ArtTerry Schmidbauer, Ron Clark
Music byPaul Libman, Joel Fox
Sound byPaul Libman, Joel Fox
Executive ProducersHoward A. Tullman, Timothy D. Tennant, Daniel P. Di Caro
ProducerPhil Davis
CastErika Eleniak (as Janie / Jamie), James Brodhead (as Senator Struggles), William Bryant (as Judge), Neriah Davis (as Sweet Shop Girl), Michael Clarke Duncan (as Security Guard), David Groh (as Peter Potter), Joycee Katz (as Vendor #3), Marta Kristen (as Annabelle Lee), Jenny Lester-McKeon (as Sheila), Harvey Levine (as Vendor #4), Allen Lulu (as Vendor #1), Scott Menville (as Vendor #2), Stefanos Miltsakakis (as Mugger), Joe Monti (as Magician), Matt Roe (as Charlie Champion), Joseph Ruskin (as Oracle), Doug Stark (as Champ), Cynthia Steele (as Reporter), David H. Sterry (as Dollar Dan), Charlie Stewart (as Editor)
NarratorLeon Morenzie

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