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The Pink Panther: Passport to Peril (Windows 3.x)

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The Pink Panther: Passport to Peril Credits

Wanderlust Interactive

President and CEOCatherine Heald
Executive ProducerJennifer Scanlin
ProducerJim McGrath
Game DesignEmily Kapnek, Scott Burton, David Walls
Story & ScriptEmily Kapnek
Art DirectionBrian Gaidry
Character Design and LayoutsBrian Gaidry, Dave Sims, Iran Jackson
Project ManagersDelphine Dobbs, Michael Gaylord, David Walls, Darron Sampson, Miguel Echegaray, Paulina Hamilton
Production AssistantJ. C. Connors
Animation DirectorsJim Petropoulous (Lt.), J. P. Dillard, Michael Foran
Art and AnimationBrian Gaidry, Mike Foran, Tom Bone, Jason Fruchter, TRUE, J. P. Dillard, Sean Lattrell, Orlando Robles, Jim Petropoulous, Namho E, Ken Becker, Ralph Henriquez, James Edwards
Background ArtistsKen Becker, James Edwards, Michael Foran, Brian Gaidry, Dave Sims, Iran Jackson
PDA DesignTrue, James Edwards, Norm Christiansen
Print Stuff ChickStephanie Ludwig
Technical DirectorMartin Silbernagl
Game Engine ProgrammerMike Wu
Authoring Tool ProgrammersBrian Dolatowsky, Mike Wu, Mark P. Sullivan, David P. Wagner
PDA ProgrammersGeorge DeLaura, Mike Wu
Installer ProgrammersEric Reinhart, Holger Graefe
AuthorsBenno Hotz, Thorunn Sigfusdottir, Gordon Klimes, Mark Abrams, Mark Sullivan, Michael Gaylord, Delphine Dobbs
Additional ProgrammingBob Provencher, Nick Eastridge
Web Game ProgrammersThorunn Sigfusdottir, Conroy Lee
Sound DesignJared Faber
Music Composed and Produced byJared Faber
Sound EffectsMichael Sinterniklaas
Sound RecordingJared Faber, Michael Sinterniklaas, Chris Bertolotti
TestersMarc Delsoin, Bernard Hsu, Manech Ibar, Jessica Violette, Chris Webb, Sanny Yoon
Research DirectorPaul Golin
ResearchPaul Golin, Anna Flattau, Patri Collins, Antonia Jimenez
Photo EditorsDian Lofton, Paul Golin
Research InternsMatt Haber, Keeanga Taylor
PDA WritersPaul Golin, Patri Collins, Anna Flattau
MarketingAnne Nizou-Webster, Jeff Gross, Jill Schwartz
Systems AdministratorSteve Acker
Systems Administration AssistanceStephen Pile, Jared Faber
Controller/Director of AdministrationBrian Fisher
Administrative SupportPedro Hernandez, Laura Decker, Eric Chazan
Research ConsultantsSimon Winchester, David Keen, Sebastian Beckwith, Paulina Oosterhoff, Carla Leighton, Vikram Parekh, Julie Tay, James Bucknell, Aida Sahoum, Tashi Wangyal, Hossam Laki
Manual and PackagingStephanie Ludwig, David Knowles, Susan Perlbachs
Website DesignDavid Kershner, Gedalia Pasternak, David Walls


We would like to thank Susan Notarides, Eric Stein, Sylvia Graham, Ray De La Rosa, Linda Jofery, Ron Frankel

Voice Over Talent

Voice OverMichael Tremain (Pink Panther), Barry Carrollo (Inspector Clouseau, Von Schmarty, The Dog Father, Nkuku, Reed Weaver, Rug Vendor, Patron in Cairo, Fox, Sir Baldly, Magazine Vendor, Big Nose), Emily Kapnek (Stewardess), Michael Sinterniklaas (Kumoken, Young Li, Nigel, Fishing Guys, Great wall of china, Purple Gallinule, Louie, Captain, Paranoid Archer, Birds, Father in China), John O'Cray, Jared Faber (Mourning Boy, Little boy in Pub, Frilled Lizard, Koala bear, Fadil, Ananda, Joey, Frank the bird), Andrew Hurley (Stable Boy, Little Boy in Parliament Sq., Rugby star #2, Priest at Durga's temple, Yaks 1 & 2), Jim Petropoulous (Helicopter Pilot, Kebab Vendor), Paul Reisch (King of Bhutan), Neil Stewart (Jackson), Chelsea Altman (Chione, Pigeon), Michele O. Medlin (Brawling Camper #1, Chamunda, Calligraphy Boy, Little girls in village), Mari Minges (Australia Info Woman), Tracy Gilbert (Snake, Smiling Woman), Gavin Parker (Rugby star #1, Father in Parliament sq., Sir Manly, MP), Simon Winchester (Right Click Audio Narrator), Jonathan Lipow (Brass Vendor, Patron in coffee house), Robert Linn (Wangley), Michael DeBeinville (Snake Charmer, Tea Guy, Spice Guy, Fruit Vendor), Valerie Gilbert (Indian mother in village, Flower Vendor, Woman dipping sari, Jain, Aboriginal woman), Joe Shane (Cow, Potter, Aardvark), Philip Galinsky (Coffee Vendor, Aboriginal man.), Cheryl Sims (Cook in Bhutan), Michael Gaylord (Clothing Vendor, Hurdy Gurdy Man), Mike Foran (Young Man with incense), Lewis Faber (Homesick Clam), Tashi Wangyal (Old Man in Bhutan)

Special Thanks

First and foremost we would like to thank Richard S. Kalin, Richard Melnick, Steve Kaplan, Stuart Winkler
We would also like to thank Ed Billings, Kirk Owen, Lloyd Melnick, Simon Beckwith, Simon Winchester, Vikram Parekh, Julie Tay, James Bucknell, Aida Sahoum, Pete Jones, Alvin Reuben, Steve Nurme, Pauline Villarin, Ream Xiques, Dana Miller

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