Rance III: Leazas Kanraku Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

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Windows 3.x version

Title screen
An army is attacking...
This isn't FMV, but the graphics are quite impressive
This is Alice, from Alice Soft. She always appears in the beginning of Rance games
Our hero has spent all his money and is now jobless
There are treasure chests in dungeons, of course
Rance knows the proper way to greet a woman
Random encounter. You can choose the AI to auto-battle, which it does very quickly and efficiently
A mysterious visitor...
Rance has his way with the visitor as well... you dirty pig!
Rance's office. Suits your tastes, doesn't it?
The town of Kamra, where you start your adventure
Camping is the only way to view your stats and to save/load the game
This girl will give you some information about your experience points and level
Blacksmith sells weapons and armor
As usual, this lovely girl is the clerk in the item shop
Viewing the world map
Your boss Keith has a distinct taste in clothes... and women
One things leads to another... note the censoring, as usual in Japanese adult games
When moving Rance over the battle field, you see his movement range every turn
You can see the attack animation in the little window below
You meet a girl near the dungeon entrance
Even such thing as opening a door can be sexy!
In the dungeons, you'll come across puzzles sometimes. This one is simple: press the button to unlock the door
Your lovely girlfriend and assistant Shiiru is cooking for you. What did you do to deserve that?!
Opening a treasure chest triggers this nice picture
A fierce battle against many enemies at once
Something is going on in this room...
Cut-scene after an event in the dungeon