Shivers Credits (Windows 3.x)

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Shivers Credits


ProducerWendy Albee
DesignerMarcia Bales
Lead Game DeveloperWillie Eide
Art DirectorRon Spears
ComposerGuy Whitmore
Lead Sound DesignerGuy Whitmore
Creative ConsultantRoberta Williams
3D ArtistsDavid Beetlestone, Matthew Brauch, Phil Doyle, Todd Greene, Jim Hicks, Davood Soleymani, William Vallieres
2D ArtistsMarcia Bales, David Beetlestone, Matthew Brauch, Mark Brill, Brian Douglas, Jim Geldmacher, Jim Hicks, Heather Ivy, Bill Ohlmstead, Gayle Rowbotham, Ron Spears, Tom Springer
AnimatorsTony Benedict, David Beetlestone, Matthew Brauch, Brian Douglas, Phil Doyle, Jim Hicks, Heather Ivy, Gayle Rowbotham, Tom Springer
Sound DesignersJames Ackley, Brian Douglas
Game DevelopersJim Geldmacher, Paul Horn, Scott Slack, John Snodgrass, Huy Ton
QA LeadJay Williams
QA TestersMike Atkins, John Pezzanite
CellistJW Turner
Acting / VoiceoversChandra Cogbum, Meg Davis, Ned Harkness, Justin Irish, Kaefan Shaw, Rodney Sherwood, Sione Unga, Kim Witherbee
Movie Sequences Director/PhotographyTony Ober
Movie EditorsMichael Bunch, Jim Hicks
GafferMartin Cameron
Key GripDon Stier
Sound RecordistRobert Marts
Sound EngineerPeter Barnes
Makeup ArtistGeorgie O'Neil
Stage ManagerKim Ross
Script WritersMarcia Bales, Roberta Williams
User Guide WriterVanessa Raymond

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