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Silent Steel (Windows 3.x)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Silent Steel Credits


Executive OfficerBrian McNamara
Master ChiefJim Metzler
Lt. WheelerFred Lehneg
Ensign FosterJohn Short
Admiral PlaskettCharles McLawhorn
Deputy Director MatthewsJoy Parry
Officer of the DeckFrank Leslie
Weapons OfficerJames Middleton
Chief EngineerKeith Woulard
Bubba HollandMike Kirton
Ice CreamDonald C. Soper
DannyJohn Jarrett
Ensign NeffMark Lattanzio
Player VoiceGreg Elliott
Newcast VoiceLeigh Murray


Executive ProducerEdmond A. Heinbockel
ProducersDonald C. Soper, Chuck Pfarrer, John Jarrett
Co‑ProducersGreg Steffen, John Rettig
StoryChuck Pfarrer
ProgrammingDavid Mace, John Rettig
EditingTimothy E. Cone, Les White, John Rettig, Greg Steffen, Donald C. Soper
Visual EffectsTate Deloach
Original SoundtrackCharles Marshall
Quality AssuranceDan Armijo, Becky Jarrett, Chuck Hoernis, Edward F. Glass


Executive ProducerEdmond A. Heinbockel
ProducersDonald C. Soper, Chuck Pfarrer, John Jarrett, Dan Hassid
DirectorTony Markes
Director of PhotographyMackenzie Waggaman
Production DesignerLee A. Shepherd
Associate ProducerDave Spitzer
Line ProducerSteve Rhea
1st ADTom Monroe
2nd ADScott Reid
Costume DesignGary Gennerich, Linda Gennerich
SoundGeorge Shafnacker
Script SupervisorEthlie Ann Vare
Set DecoratorValerie Van Norte
Lead ManMichael Lane
Set DresserSherry DuPree, Paige Freeze
Prop MasterPeter Alvanos
Special FXFrank Flemming
GaferKurt Wolff
Best BoyRichard McMillan, Christian Satrazemis, Bob Williams
Key GripGeoff Herbert
SeamstressThyra Mercer
Construction CoordinatorTom Morris
Prop MakersBozydar Orszula, Woodrow Blume, John Gerhold, Steven Standafer, Doug Peterson, James Carter, Franz Stegemann, Judith Orszula
2nd ACAmy Jo Kiggans


Controller/AuditorMary Hansen
Production ManagerShannon Rippy
Assistant CoordinatorJeff Wickline
Production AssistantGinger Vaughn, William Tallman, James Jernigan, Emily Oulla
Craft ServicesBlanche Sypher
CateringRecreational Food Services, Caterers Extraordinaire
Casting (South Carolina)Margaret Mullins
Special Thanks toTerry Bratcher, Ed Sicard, Dennis Gutridge, Michael Ignaszewski (Iggy), Eric Yao, Thinh Tran, Michael Nelson, Shayla Sanchez, Dan Gage (Lt.), Ed Baxter, Department of the Navy, Office of Information

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