SPQR: The Empire's Darkest Hour Credits


Original SPQR game and story conceptEden Greig Muir, Rory O'Neill
Executive producersEden Greig Muir, Rory O'Neill, Laurent Ohana
Associate producerBruce Marchfelder
Production managerRebecka A. Budnick
Lead software engineerDaniele Russo
Software engineersLaura Reuwee, Henry Grosman
Sound engineMatthew Kane (as Matthew Alan Kane), Carol M. Burrell
Programming consultantRich Schupe
Original music composed and produced byAndy Tallon, Adam Wolfensohn, of Red Ramona Music Inc New York City
Sound design byAndy Tallon, Adam Wolfensohn, of Red Ramona Music Inc New York City
Additional sound effects byLee Galasso, Matthew Kane (as Matthew Alan Kane)
Voice talentKim Hawthorne, Katherine Johnson, Andrew M. Long, Price Waldman
Quality assurance teamRobi Brunner, Talin Shahinian, Carol M. Burrell (as Carol Burrell)
Senior consultantChris Pino
Production assistantsMartin Ponce, Kevin Kong
Original prototype of the Rome 3D modelPeter Oberdofer, Scott Sindorf
Programmer (web version of SPQR)Ben Kahn
AdviceGarry Kitchen, David Crane, Skyworks Technologies Inc.
Technical adviceMike Arias, Softimage Inc.
Early designsLawrence Shum, Thomas Rusher

3D Modeling And Animation

Lead animatorsDamijan Saccio, Patrick Welsh
AnimatorsRon De Villa, Tony Rubey
3D graphics programmingBrian Lonsway

Cell Animation

Art and designLee Galasso
Software engineeringMatthew Kane (as Matthew Alan Kane)

2D Art And Design

Art directorVanessa Pineda
IllustratorRenny Gleeson
Photoshop artistsHarry H. Park, Ronald Frankel

Writing And Historical Research

Senior writerKate Rogin
PH.D. Yale University Blegen research fellow and visiting professor of classics, Vassar College senior consultant, Roman historyVasily Rudich
PH.D. Heidelberg; Fellow, American Academy in Rome; Professor of classics, UCLA; Senior consultant, Roman art and cultureBernard Frischer
ResearcherLenora Inez Brown
Researcher and archivistRonald Heydon

Special Thanks To

GT Interactive SoftwareJason Schreiber (Producer), Ken Gold (Product Manager), Chris Garske (Senior VP), Harry Rubin (Executive VP), Murray Froikin (VP), Elizabeth Crocker, Alan B. Lewis (as Alan Lewis), Alan Behr
MFactory Inc.Bryn Dyment, Steve Comninos, Dave Devisser, Susan Doering, Hamish Forsythe, Shashank Parasnis, Al Pettit
Silicon Graphics, Inc.Tony Perez, Howell Silverman
Micro MadnessSebastian Ruta, Vince Liggio

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