Take Your Best Shot Credits (Windows 3.x)

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Take Your Best Shot Credits


Executive ProducerGeorge Grayson
ProducerBrad Buckman
AnimatorBill Plympton
Technical DirectorAlex Yevgenyev
Lead ArtistHarry Gold
Director of ProductionMark A. Steeves
Art DirectorSteve Martino
Additional GraphicsValerie Grant, Dan Kuenster
Project LeadRichard Merrick
Lead EngineerJF Prata
Games EngineerJeff English
Desktop CustomizerWes Bell
Screen SaversHal Harris, Vu Nguyen
Chief ScientistDon Moir
A/V EngineerDoug Gillespie
Production ManagerMary Frances Feider
Production CoordinatorWilliam Ford
Assistant CoordinatorKara Chikamori
Digital Effects ArtistsAaron Fujii, Aaron Griffith, Tom Lamb, Yachiyo Mattox, Sno Smith, Kenneth T. Roy, Zachary Tscharanyan
Wallpaper DesignRobert Conner
Production ArtistsFrancie E. Gustke, Denise Iorio, Lynn Norris, Eric Spearman
Production AssistantNancy Perlman
Audio ProducerPaul Ray
Sound FX DesignJohann Langlie
Second Audio EngineerMelanie Mullens
Umpire VoiceMichael Lynch
Director Quality AssuranceJon M. Greenwood
TestersDavid Haber, Robert Whitsitt
Technical SupportPaul Downing, Matt Lee
Documentation written byLinda Garibay
Package DesignKenni Driver, FourWay Communications
Original IllustrationsBill Plympton
Special Thanks ToRobert Alan Ezrin, Scott Page, The whole 7th Level Crew, Marilyn and Monroe, and the driver of the lunch truck, Bill
ColoristsJessica Wolk-Stanley, Jerilyn Mettlin
Prodcution ArtistLorna Munson
Sound DesignerPhilip Lee

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