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  • Hints for Titanic (These hints will help you solve it without spoiling the whole game.)
  • Interview with Titanic's Producer (An interview with Andrew Nelson, the producer of and writer for Titanic, about the production of the game and the development of its characters and setting (Jan. 16th, 1998). )
  • RMS Titanic Sets Sail Again (A Business Wire article about the game's release. (November 12th, 1996))
  • Sail On the Titanic and Never Get Wet (An article in The Augusta Chronicle about Titanic: Adventure Out of Time's release and production. The company that created it, Cyberflix, is also discussed. (November 9th, 1996))
  • Titanic - A Dedicated Fanblog (A blog which intends to keep information about the title available to modern gamers. It provides additional details about the game, as well as puzzle solutions for the 1996 title (Spoilers).)
  • Titanic Interactive Tour Guides (All ten of the interactive tour guides, formerly available for download from the official website, at the information resource site Titanic-Titanic.)
  • Titanic: Review and Walkthrough (A short review of Adventure Out of Time at Balmoral Software, which is followed by a detailed walkthrough of the game, illustrated by screenshots and maps from within the game itself (Nov. 26th, 1996).)
  • Titanic-Titanic: A Walkthrough (A walkthrough of the game at the online Titanic resource, Titanic-Titanic, which is prefaced by a series of general tips intended to mitigate player confusion and frustration during the experience.)
  • Zarf's Review (A Macintosh review of Adventure Out of Time by Andrew Plotkin (June, 1999).)

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