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An enemy armada is invading the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet Command estimates that Earth will be attacked in about a month. So the player, controlling James T. Kirk, commander of the original NCC-1701 Enterprise, is ordered to stop that invasion.

WinTrek is Star Trek simulation game, where the player virtually controls every aspect of the Enterprise, including those that would normally be done by the crew.

For navigating the Enterprise through the sectors and quadrants, the player does not "drive" her, but instead controls the navigation station directly (setting course, whereby any of the 360 degrees can be used, and setting speed limits, both impulse and warp). During combat, the player has to manage shields, coordinate phaser fire and photon torpedoes, including the control of how much dilithium (fuel) is invested into shields and weapons. Finally, the player must manage the dilithium fuel (i.e. refilling at starbases) and make sure that the ship doesn't break apart (damage system).

The game is won when the enemy armada is destroyed, and lost when the armada attacks Earth, or when the player-controlled ship runs out of fuel or explodes. Both the number of enemy ships and the days available to the player are randomly set when the game is started.

The game offers six difficulty levels, ranging from Admiral (expert) to Expandable Crewman (easiest). In-game Computer Station acts like a computer operation system, allowing the player to get information not visible at the other stations (e.g. retrieve the position of the starbases). Information is displayed in 11 sub-windows of the game window, which are all re-sizable and movable.


WinTrek Windows 3.x Starting screen
WinTrek Windows 3.x Attacking an enemy ship with my main phaser
WinTrek Windows 3.x Beginning a game

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Some discrepancies between WinTrek and the Star Trek universe:

  • Sectors:
    • WinTrek: the smallest area you use; you drive with impulse (sub-light-speed)
    • Star Trek: the smallest area too, but due to its size (20x20x20 ly), you drive with warp (faster then the speed of light) instead of impulse, otherwise it would literally take ages to cross a sector (min 20 years with the speed of light)
  • Quadrants:
    • WinTrek: a quadrant consists of sectors; the quadrant grid is practically identical with the sector grid, therefore quadrants are part of a bigger system; you drive with warp from one quadrant to another.
    • Star Trek: a quadrant consists of sectors too, but there are only four quadrants in the galaxy (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta - all four containing one fourth of the galaxy; for example, we are on the border of the Alpha and Beta quadrants). You do also drive with warp from one quadrant to another, but the required speed is astronomical. (Note: there are also stellar objects that have the quadrant as part of there proper name, but those aren't countable, as there is no cartographic system behind it.)

    Conclusion: WinTrek's quadrant is a Star Trek sector, whereby WinTrek's sector has no counterpart in Star Trek, and Star Trek's quadrant isn't used here.

  • Dilithium:
    • WinTrek: dilithium is the fuel used for all things on-board the Enterprise (warp, impulse, shield strength and power of the phaser beam).
    • Star Trek: dilithium is just used for one thing and it is not even a "fuel". It is used inside the warp core to regulate the warp reaction. If you are out of dilithium, you basically are dead in the water, even when all the other ship system still running. If you are out of dilithium here, a sector will become a quadrant, as you can only drive with impulse.

    (Note: I've omitted the obvious discrepancy that WinTrek is 2D, while the Star Trek universe is 3D ;))

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