World of Aden: Entomorph - Plague of the Darkfall Credits


Executive ProducerLester Humphreys
Lead ProgrammerKen Grey
Lead ArtistRob Caswell
Lead Game DesignersJim DuBois, Herb Perez
ProgrammersJim DuBois, Ken Eklund, Joseph Minton, Francis Small
ArtistsDavid Barosin, Peter Lawson, Herb Perez, Seth Spaulding
Game DesignersRob Caswell, Ken Eklund, Daniel Greenberg, Joseph Minton, Francis Small
Art InternsJacob Bergman, Kevin Haggerty
PlaytesterJesse King
Voice ProducerTracy Hightower
Voice ArtistsDavid J. Simons, Lisa Karrer, Melissa Malandrinos, Christopher O'Connor
Recording StudioMark Thayer
Rule Book AuthorJoseph Minton
ProducerScott Cuthbertson
Associate ProducerJoshua M. Cloud
Rule Book EditorsJonathan Kromrey, Mark Whisler
Music and Sound Effects DirectionRalph Thomas
Musical Composition & PerformanceDanny Pelfrey, Rick Rhodes
Vocal Sound EffectsLani Minella
Choir VoicesMaurice Jackson (Tenor), Shadow Phredd (Soprano)
Audio Technical AssistantRon Calonje
Sound Effects EditorMaurice Jackson
Install ProgrammerMichael Coustier
GPL Text EditorJohn C. Boockholdt
Lead Product TesterKelly Calabro, John Cloud
Product TestersJeff Head, Michael Higgins, Anathea Lopez, Patrick Lugliani, Joshua O'Bryan, Doug Peters, Osiris Roman
Graphic Design and DTPDavid Boudreau, Leedara Zola

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (166394)