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Nintendo 64Video Games (Nov, 1999)
Kurzum: Vergleichbares auf dem N64 ist nicht existent und bis zum Release von Pefect Dark ist‘s noch lang hin. Deshalb unser Rat an alle N64-Spione und V-Männer: Trotz Optik-Mankos unbedingt importieren - erwachsen gestylte Spiele sind ja nach wie vor Mangelware!
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany) (Dec, 1999)
Winback fesselt von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute. Die Mischung aus wilden Feuergefechten, in denen das Herausfinden und Erreichen der sichersten Stellung lebenswichtig ist, einfachen Schalterrätseln und schwierigen Endgegnern ist enorm kurzweilig. Zudem hat das Spiel einen sehr großen Umfang und bietet durch unterschiedliche Handlungsstränge und die Mehrspieler-Modi selbst nach dem Durchspielen noch genügend Potenzial.
Nintendo 64games xtreme (Sep 12, 2000)
I have to admit, my first impressions of this game wasn’t all that great. But after playing it for a while, I soon discovered that my initial opinion was wrong. It is an extremely well thought out game, with plenty of things to do and so many different levels that you’ll be playing for hours and hours. On the other hand though, if like me, you have an extremely short fuse and are prone to blow your top at the slightest sign of an annoying end of level boss or over difficult task. Then don’t be surprised if you end up turning it off. I find a nice strong cuppa coffee helps me to calm down. I mean some of the things that you have to do in this game is completely solid. I can’t really say how many levels there in Operation Winback – I don’t know. I got to level 24, got seriously annoyed and gave up. I’m afraid to say I haven’t switched it on since! It’s just too damn hard at times! Don’t let that put you off though. Just do what I did and look at it as a challenge.
Nintendo 6464 Power / big.N / N Games (Oct, 1999)
Wer also mit dem für Nintendo 64-Verhältnisse typischen Nebel und den variationsarmen Texturen leben kann, der bekommt mit WinBack einen spannenden und abwechslungsreichen Agententhriller geboten.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (May 25, 2001)
The game is fun, and does last long. The single player consists of around 25-30 missions and the multiplayer will have you playing for quite awhile. There are many modes, Free play, practice, story, versus, multiplayer etc. All in all Winback is not a horrible rehashed N64 title. Winback is a game that will allow hours of playing, and after it’s been beaten, it’s one of those games you can pick up for a quick fix.
Nintendo 64Video Games (May, 2000)
(PAL version)
Man kann über die trostlose Optik mit der Kistenlandschaft und dem Grau in Grau plus feinstem englischen Nebel schimpfen, soviel man will – der Spielspaß stimmt bei WinBack auf ganzer Linie, und das zählt letztendlich. Obwohl die N64-Only-Agentenmission auf einem einzigen, aber genialen Prinzip beruht – hinter Objekten verstecken, ballern und wieder in Sicherheit – nutzt sich der Suchtfaktor hier auch mit steigernder Spielzeit nicht ab. (…) Trotz ein paar Kamera-Problemen (Wo bin ich, warum gibt’s keine Ego-Perspektive?) ein Top-Hit des Genres mit Seltenheitswert auf dem N64 – und dazu noch exklusiv: Da kann man diesmal auch das leichte Nebel-Drama nachsichtig bewerten. Unbedingt besorgen!
Nintendo 64Mega Fun (Dec, 1999)
Ein Spiel. das noch vor den Ankündigungen zu Metal Gear Solid durch die Fachpresse geisterte, ist Winback. Die Entwickler von KOEI haben sich bei diesem Spiel wirklich viel Zeit gelassen, man der Qualität des Spieles aber auch anmerkt.
Nintendo 64Gaming Target (Jun 22, 2000)
Overall I say that i was satisfied with renting it. It is probably worth a buy. The game is a good mixture of action like in action movies, and strategy. It's like a 3rd person Virtua Cop, and it's got a good story.
Nintendo 64IGN (Oct 19, 1999)
WinBack seemed to be a good idea that just wouldn't work when I saw it several months ago. For some reason I felt very satisfied when the final version played and felt like no other game on the N64. It has the look and animation of a Resident Evil game but smoother and faster. The spy and stealth tactics of a Metal Gear Solid but simplified and stripped down. It has elements that compare to a variety of games across a variety of systems but the hide-and-attack innovation is the feature that makes WinBack a game in its own category. Considering that it's one of the few non-kiddie titles and that there's nothing like it available on the console this holiday season, I'd take a long look at WinBack to fulfill your need for a grown-up style action-thriller.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Mar 20, 2001)
WinBack on the Nintendo 64 was a good, not great, game, and it hasn?t been changed enough to warrant a reappraisal of that status--not even the mega-force of the PlayStation 2 helps much. Nevertheless, if you're in need of worthwhile stealth/action, WinBack: Covert Operations will satisfy.
PlayStation (Oct 16, 2001)
Operation Winback ist ein ambitioniertes Projekt, das versucht, sich ein paar Spielelement-Rosinen aus dem großen Action-Kuchen zu nehmen und diese in einem kleinen unkomplizierten Scheibchen für zwischendurch portionsgerecht an den Mann zu bringen. Grafisch um Klassen besser als die N64-Version hat Winback jedoch eine große Schwäche des Familienangehörigen übernommen: Das Trial-And-Error-Prinzip, das wirklich nicht jedermanns Sache ist. Auch wenn es kein Metal Gear Solid ist (und auch nicht sein will), können Fans von Stealth-Action (Betonung auf Action) ruhigen Gewissens auch einen längeren Blick auf Operation Winback werfen. Denn hinter der nicht ganz zeitgemäßen Grafik schlummert eine interessante Mischung, die vor allem durch den Taktik-Einschlag zu gefallen weiß.
Nintendo (1999)
Ever heard the phrase “right on time”? Sometimes things happen right when you need them to. In this case Koei brings Metal Gear fans a similar title to the Nintendo 64. They didn’t simply stop there, however, as they’ve also included some fun multi-player modes as well. Winback isn’t without it’s faults, but the amount of gameplay and enjoyment to be had far outweigh its problems. Action fans, GoldenEye fans, this is a title you are going to want to take a look at.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Apr, 2001)
There's lots of fun to be had in Winback, despite the lack of innovation. A little more variety in its missions would've been nice, but stealthily busting caps in asses never loses its charm. Mr. Rogers sang, "Let's think of something to do while we're waiting," and Winback will fit the bill until Metal Gear Solid 2 comes out.
Nintendo (Jul 27, 2000)
En résumé, Operation Winback malgré ses quelques défauts qui vous feront pester de temps en temps est un jeu au gameplay intuitif et prenant qui vous donne l'impression de jouer aux agents spéciaux de choc. Un vrai plaisir.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Apr 04, 2001)
Anyone who has played WinBack on the Nintendo 64 has little reason to check out this graphically upgraded edition. For those who are new to WinBack, it will be a nice, stealthy diversion until Metal Gear Solid 2 is released later this year. Once mastered, the inventive gameplay mechanics have a way of becoming addictive, and the no-frills graphics get the job done.
Nintendo 64Just Games Retro (Jun 27, 2013)
As I said before, this was way outside Koei’s usual wheelhouse. But, despite some of the strange qualities, including a half-assed Multiplayer mode (which I haven’t mentioned yet because honestly, there’s really nothing much to it), this was a very commendable effort, especially since this was their first go at a shooter and first foray onto the N64. It’s certainly different from the other shooters of the day, and although it’s not quite in the same class as Goldeneye or Perfect Dark, but if you stumbled upon it, it’d definitely be worth a playthrough. There may not be a whole lot of replay value here, but it’s a fun ride while it lasts.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy (Dec 09, 1999)
It's hard not to compare WinBack: Covert Operations to the likes of Goldeneye, Mission: Impossible, and Metal Gear Solid, since it’s certainly geared toward this audience, and it contains elements of each. However, it falls short of equaling any one of them, though not by much. It's a fun title that has a few shortcomings, but it would make a good addition to your gaming library if you're a fan of the covert/action genre.
PlayStation 2PSM (Apr, 2001)
Winback is a fun game with seemingly realistic combat situations. Although it's lacking in a couple of areas, gamers that enjoy covert operations should give it a try. While Winback may not be on par with MGS, it's good enough to satisfy our appetite until MGS 2 arrives.
PlayStation 2Gamezone (Germany) (Sep 21, 2001)
Unbedingt schlecht ist dieser Titel nicht, taktisches heranschleichen und nette Waffen werden ja geboten. Die Grafik beeindruckt leider nicht sonderlich, auch die Sprachausgabe ist eher lästig. So sieht es ziemlich blöde aus, wenn sich die Gegner, kurz nach der Überwältigung, auflösen. Wenn man über die etwas negativen Punkte hinweg sieht, kann dieses Antiterror-Spiel irgend wie schon begeistern, aber das ist eher Geschmackssache. Nette Story und viel Geballere ist auf jeden Fall geboten. Fazit: Kann schon mal ausprobiert werden, aber ist bestimmt kein Highlight.
Nintendo 64GameSpot (Oct 21, 1999)
WinBack is a game that had some great potential. With a truly innovative hide-then-shoot system, an interesting premise, and tons of examples from the spy genre, WinBack had a lot of good material that could have been crafted into a great game. But somewhere along the way WinBack lost sight of its goal, and we ended up with a rather bland adventure that really only skims the surface of a secret-agent scenario. Unfortunately, the game reaches its peak in the first level and from there turns into a mundane, tiresome process. The game's multiple flaws outweigh its good points and turns what could have been the next GoldenEye 007 into another boring shooter.
PlayStation 2Consoles Plus (Dec, 2001)
Si Operation Winback peut sembler intéressant de prime abord, on déchante vite après quelques minutes. Un bon exemple de jeu bâclé.
Nintendo 64Joypad (Sep, 2000)
On retrouve un peu le trip Metal Gear, en plus bourrin, mais le plaisir de jeu est gâché par des problèmes de caméra et une répétitivité des situations qui devient vite lourdingue...
Nintendo 64Retro Game Reviews (Nov 11, 2015)
Winback: Covert Operations is basically a poor man's Syphon Filter (1999, PS1). While it has an innovative control scheme and is moderately entertaining the repetitious level design and lack of checkpoints later in the game are inexcusable and lead to lots of unnecessary frustration.
Nintendo 64Super Play (Sweden) (May, 2000)
Sammanfattningsvis kan man säga att Winback inte är spelet vi hade hoppats på. Det är istället ett ganska enkelt shoot 'em up med ett par riktigt originella idéer som tyvärr aldrig får blomma ut. Trist.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (May, 2001)
Winback: Covert Operations turns out to be a decent game. Neat gameplay is marred by a tough camera system and the lack of interesting toys is a letdown, but the game is a solid appetizer for another certain espionage game that's on the way.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Apr, 2001)
Even though there are probably a lot of you who didn't get a chance to play the N64 version of Winback, you PS2 owners out there will now have the chance to play it on your new Sony machines. It sounds strange, but this game has the same quirky controls and strange camera system as the original. With the N64 version I could overlook some of the inadequacies, as it was a nice change from the overabundance of N64 racing games. On the PS2, it's a different story. With some meager graphical enhancements and a couple game modes, the PS2 version is quite sad. There have been no visible changes to the computer AI or game structure. There is really no reason to struggle with the goofy control system – unless you enjoy frustration. I did have some fun with the N64 version over a year ago, but I didn't want to relive the experience on the PS2.
PlayStation 2Gamekult (Feb 08, 2001)
Attendu comme le messie par les fans de GoldenEye 007, Opération Winback fait plus que de décevoir en proposant un gameplay bâclé sur fond de graphismes indignes d'une PlayStation 2. La linéarité de son scénario, couplée à une redondance omniprésente dans les décors et l'action, fait de ce titre un total échec dans son genre. Seuls les irréductibles trouveront un intérêt relatif à exécuter un à un les pantins débiles qui se dressent sur votre chemin. Pour cela, encore faudrait-il arriver à viser...