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Windjammers Neo Geo Title screen


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Neo Geo
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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 1 2.7
Neo Geo 12 3.4
Neo Geo CD 5 3.0
Combined MobyScore 18 3.3

The Press Says

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Neo Geo CDThe Video Game Critic
Windjammer's graphics are perfectly fine, but since the action is viewed from overhead, there's not much to see. Still, I love the court located on a bright beach, which gives the game a certain summer vibe. The other courts are more high-tech, including some with obstacles in the center that redirect the disc unpredictably. Windjammer's gameplay is fast and furious, with short but sweet 90-second matches. The electronic soundtrack has an old-school flair, and I also like the clanking sound effects of the disc bouncing off the metallic boundaries. As icing on the cake, a nifty bonus stage lets you control a dog chasing a Frisbee on a beach, jumping over sun-bathing babes in the process. My friends immediately took to Windjammers, unanimously proclaiming it to be an "A" title. My buddy Steve even called it "sponge-worthy", which is quite the accolade. Windjammers has remained under the radar for a long time, but I think it's about time for a coming-out party.
Neo GeoGamesCollection
Se non avete la possibilità economica di comprarvi la versione AES, comprate quella CD. Se non avete un Neo Geo...compratevelo...merita l'acquisto solo per questo gioco! UNA LEGGENDA!
Neo GeoPixel-Heroes.de
Bleibt ein geniales, kurzweiliges Party-Spiel, vorausgesetzt, man hat Mitspieler. So genial und kurzweilig, dass man auch auf Sommer, Strand und Frauen verzichten kann. Und außerdem kann man sich nebenher noch bedenkenlos mit den Kumpels vollaufen lassen, ohne Gefahr zu laufen, sich vor gutaussehenden spärlich bekleideten Frauen zu blamieren, hrhrhrhr...Trotzdem "nur" 9 Punkte, da der Einzelspielermodus wie gesagt zu schnell langweilig wird.
Neo Geo CDHobby Consolas
Un juego así se destapa como futuro acaparador de la atención de cualquier jugón que tenga un amigo a mano. Eso sí, gráficamente no despliega todas las excelencias técnicas de la máquina CD, pero es que hasta esto es una ventaja cuando significa existen pocas pausas para cargar, y las que hay son mínimas.
Neo GeoDefunct Games
The best feature, however, comes in the package of a mini game. I could be wrong, but until this game I had never seen a game with a Frisbee catching dog. And you know, that's really hard to resist. But all joking aside, Windjammers did get some notable success. This is especially odd since SNK only pushed fighting games. However, a good game can almost always find a market. If you see it in an arcade, or for sale, Windjammers is highly recommended.
Neo GeoJeuxvideo.com
Il n'y a pas à dire, Windjammers est un bon petit jeu a priori sans prétention mais qui remplit parfaitement sa fonction de jeu d'arcade fun, et assez addictif il faut bien l'admettre. Même si la prestigieuse console de SNK est capable de proposer bien mieux techniquement, il est difficile de prendre en défaut la réalisation et le gameplay subtil de ce titre que Data East a visiblement mijoté aux petits oignons. Et même si on peut finir par s'ennuyer à la longue après avoir bouclé plusieurs fois le mode solo, il ne faut pas oublier que le titre a été taillé pour le multi, et cela se voit car c'est évidemment là qu'il excelle, au point d'être le jeu adéquat à sortir quand des amis viennent passer une soirée à la maison.
Neo Geo CDIMPLANTgames
Overall, Windjammers, or Flying Power Disc, is a terrific game. I like these old Neo Geo sports titles. There are no rosters, so the games age well. The controls have that easy to pick up, hard to master quality that keep you coming back for multiple play-throughs. This game is dirt cheap on the Neo Geo CD, and should be a no-brainer. If you don’t have a Neo Geo CD, you can get it on Wii Virtual Console. Highly recommended.
Neo GeoAll Game Guide
Windjammers is a spiritual successor to Pong, and fans of that old classic will find Windjammers to be a great deal of fun. Gamers who like fast and furious action will also like Windjammers, though the short length of its games will disappoint some.
Neo GeoConsoles Plus
Le principe est efficace, mais le support est sous-exploité.
Dieses wiederum ist in drei Zonen unterteilt, die entschei- den, wieviele Punkte Ihr für Euren Treffer bekommt. Um die Jamming-Meisterschaft gegen die fünf anderen Spieler (alle unterschied- lich schnell und stark) zu erschweren, sind einige der sechs Arenen mit Prall- platten ausgestattet, die die Scheibe zurückkatapultieren. Übersteht Ihr je zwei Matches (jedes dauert 30 Sekunden), wartet eine Bonusszene: Entweder jagt Ihr als Hund hinter dem Frisbee her, oder Ihr schmettert die Scheibe gegen eine Kegel-Aufstellung.