007: Quantum of Solace Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen.
Main menu.
Mr. White.
Classic blood scene from intro.
Chapter selection screen.
After each mission a debriefing room is unlocked with art work and such.
Shotgun is a powerful weapon.
Bond, James Bond.
At MI-6 safehouse.
Taking cover from enemy fire.
Marketplace shootout.
James Bond jumping from building.
Climbing up.
Action sequence.
Shooting in garden.
Hacking door lock.
At the boat house.
Hacking into cameras.
Checking security cameras.
Objective screen.
Firing at helicopter.
Bregenz Opera House.
Hiding from sniper.
Using sniper rifle.
Just walking nice and slow.
That helicopter is not going anywhere now.
James Bond at Madagascar.
Low health warning.
James Bond driving heavy machinery.
At the construction yard.
Inside elevator shaft.
James Bond in action at the museum.
James Bond in Miami Airport.
Train action sequence begins.
Somewhere in Venice.
Judi Dench as "M".
Shooting inside train.
Helicopter is about to explode.
James Bond entering construction yard.
James Bond sneaking outside hotel.
Checkpoint reached.
Use a security cameras
Grey screen - death is near.
Mantis is quite good weapon
Easiest headshot forever.
Next targets
I can't see anything
Sniper rifle.