1 Day a Mosquito Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The night background (or some kind of outer space one?) of the title screen...
...ridiculously turns into... THIS
It all starts when our hero mindlessly flies into a house... (intro)
...and gets trapped inside it. Now it's up to you to help him out!
Read this instruction carefully. You won't be able to reread it during the game
Start of the game. Notice the speed level adjuster and the yellow "attack" button at the lower corner of the screen. You will need them quite often
The mosquito gives a description of an object
The mosquito flies to the broom
Mosquito: who says mosquitoes are just weak small creatures? Look what I've done >D
This mosquito seems to know a lot about human's world
Mosquito: I think that's enough to prove to those human how strong mosquitoes are
Inside the closet
Mosquito: I've learned a lesson: fast speed isn't always the best in every situation
The save/load screen...
...and the quit screen are all default AGS