10six Online Credits (Windows)

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10six Online Credits


Senior ProducerPhilip B. Gelber
Executive Producer / Co-creatorLarry Pacey
DesignScott Walker
ProducerAl Rivera, David Wood, Roland Kippenhan III, Scott Walker
Art DirectorBill Pauley
Graphics / ArtworkMelissa Lubofsky, Daniel Miller, Steve Russel
3D / Graphics ProgrammingCharlie Distefano, Michael Romero, Robert Weldon
ProgrammingColin Andrews, Emily Butler, Gary Herman, Joe Pearce, Micah Pearlman, Richard Reed,  Talin

Engineering Lead

Senior Engineer and Database ArchitectChristian Lange

Engineering Staff

Networking and Simulation and lots of other stuffSean Riley
3D GraphicsCharlie Distefano
SimulationsThomas Dickes, Bob Piper
Networking and System ArchitectCharles Eads


Lead ArtistShrox
3D Models, Textures and AnimationsKevin Converse


ProducerAl Rivera
DesignerAl Rivera
Project LeadAl Rivera
Assistant ProducerDavid Wood, Joey Berrios
Product ManagerBee Yinn Low (Bee Yin Low)
Assistant Product ManagerBrenda Akins
AdministrationJoey Berrios
HEAT Project DirectorGordon Lyon
Director Product DevelopmentJerry Markota
Consulting Executive ProducerMaxwell Taylor (Max Taylor)
Senior ProducerPhilip B. Gelber (Phil B. Gelber)
Executive Producer and Co-creatorLarry Pacey
Project ManagerRob Prideaux


Lead System AdministratorStephen Willers
Lead Database DeveloperSarang Kirpekar
Database ArchictectKevin Edwards
Database AdministratorIgor Chernyak

Web Development

HTML and Web Art DirectorCraig Millman
EditorialPeter Allison
Editor and Ace ReporterRandy Reiss
Web Development EngineersJohn Kuner, John Lowry, Nathaniel Meyers
HTML DesignersDavid Minassian, Graham Shaw

Internet Gaming Technologies

IGT EngineersBritt Morris, David Sisson, Kaylin Tabb


The Voice of VisitorChristiane Crawford
.Wall of Sound Productions

Quality Assurance

Lead TesterSamir Gupta
TestersLeland Ware, Nathan Frederick, Atom Ellis, Ryan Sindledecker, Jason Pope, Alex Goldberg, Ronald J. Kuzava (Ronald Kuzava), Lancelot Nelson (Lance Nelson), Jeremy Caine, Don Carmichael
Test LeadMarc Dawson

Technical Support and Customer Service

Customer Support LeadsDow Truax, Stefan M. Nelson (Stefan Nelson)
Customer Support RepresentativesDan Daly, Brett Wettersten, Darren Morris, Eric Nelson, Chris Herzog, Lorenzo Tanada, Erik Vesneski, Jason White

Post Linear Entertainment Inc. - Original Concept

Original ConceptRon Martinez

Post Linear Entertainment Inc. - Production

ProducerScott Walker
DesignerScott Walker
Senior ProducerRoland Kippenhan III (Roland Kippenhan)
Executive ProducerGareth Davis

Post Linear Entertainment Inc. - Engineering Staff

Graphics EngineersColin Andrews
GUI EngineerEmily Butler
Simulation EngineerGary Herman
Cryptography, Java EngineerJoe Pearce
Graphics EngineersMicah Pearlman, Michael Romero, Robert Weldon
GUI and Audio EngineerJason Pratt
F/Xs and Graphics EngineerRichard Reed
Simulation and GUI Library EngineerTalin

Post Linear Entertainment Inc. - Artists

2D/3D Lead ArtistBill Pauley (Bill Pauly)
3D Model ArtistsMelissa Lubofsky, Daniel Miller, Steven Russell
.Top Dog

Post Linear Entertainment Inc. - Special Thanks

Special ThanksSarah Anderson, Charlie Barbour, Jeff Baxendale, Eric Evers, Greg Chiemingo, John Cook, Rick Delashmit, Gary Griffiths, Mark Hayden, David Jewsbury, Jason Keithley, Jason Kinne, Pierre Lewald, Johnathan Long, Lamont Lucas, Douglas McClure, Thomas Miley, Robin Nakamura, Andre Oberholzer, Rich Pavlicek, Eric Schreffler, Ryoichi Shiratsuchi, Leland Smith, Michael Suarez (Mike Suarez), Tony Tyson, Bharat Vemuri, Vince Zampella, MIS, PLEI, Team Berrios, TOPS, BOPS, Team Ensemble, AMD, S3, 3Dfx, Matrox, ATI, Planet10six, 10sixZone, 10sixPlace, 10sixHomebase, All the BETA Testers and Fan Sites, The Duck, Biggens, Everyone at SegaSoft, and a special thanks to all our loved ones that put up with our late hours.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Goud (60), Roland Kippenhan (196), calmgiver (6) and Alaka (54980)