10six Online Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Beam Turret's shot.
Blaster Turret.
Blaster Turret's shot.
An explosion.
A Chaos Turret.
A Chaos Turret fireing.
A Comet Turret fireing.
A Hawk's shot.
A Howzer Turret.
A Howzer Turret's shot.
A Behemoth rover.
A Jitter.
A field of Jitters.
A hord of Luman rovers.
The shots from a few Mealstrom guns.
The shot from a Tesla rifle.
The massive Trebuchet Turret.
The missle of a Trebuchet Turret.
The huge explosion caused by the Trebuchet missle.
A game employee at the UN trade center.
A bunch of Vesuvius rovers firing their FAE Meteor guns.