The 11th Hour Credits


Concept and DesignRob Landeros
Original DesignGraeme J. Devine, Rob Landeros
GROOVIE (TM) Creation & DesignGraeme J. Devine
ProducerJames Yokota
Senior ProducerGreg Goodrich
Executive in Charge of ProductionKellyn Beck
Lead ArtistRobert Stein III (AniGraF/X)
Original StoryMatthew J. Costello
ScreenplayMatthew J. Costello, David Wheeler
Video DirectionDavid Wheeler
ProgrammersPreston Moser, Monty Zukowski, Patrick Hayes, Jan Paxton, Shousuke Ogawa, Rich Rempel, Mike Gator
Additional ScriptingAaron Greene, Jerod M. Bennett, Bryan Saint Germaine
Art DirectorRob Landeros
Lead CG and F/X ArtistRobert Stein III (AniGraF/X)
Trilobyte ArtistsJohn Gaffey, Ken Nash, Carl Jackson
Additional ArtCyberROM Technologies, Verin G. Lewis, Andy Anderson
Operational DirectorVerin G. Lewis
Artistic DirectorAndy Anderson
VP MarketingJane LeFevre (Trilobyte), Russell Kelban (Virgin)
Video ProductionFull Circle Communications, Howard Schreiber (Producer), in association with Freedom Productions
Sound EngineeringSherman Archibald, Sirius Productions, Waldo Thompson, in association with Teknifilm/Vaughn
Sound SystemMiles Design, John Miles
Virgin VP Product DevelopmentNeil Young
Virgin Executive ProducerR. Scott Russo
Virgin ProducerMichael S. Glosecki
Virgin Associate ProducerJeff Buccellato
Virgin Assistant ProducerChris Archer
Quality Assurance ManagerDavid Maxey
Quality Assurance Group HeadChris McFarland
Lead AnalystChad Soares
Product AnalystsScott Manning, Mick Love, Mitch Feldman, Paul Shoener
Technical WriterShane Wickwire
Foreign Translations Engineering (Virgin)Keith Arem, Robb Hart, David Fries
Production Assistance & Logistic SupportDianne Moses, David A. Luehmann
Package DesignMargo Chase
Package Creative DirectionKathy Guild, Lauren Rifkin
Robin Morales' JournalMatthew J. Costello
Journal DesignRowan Moore
ManualsJames Yokota, Lisa Marcinko
Manual DesignLisa Brand
Package ProductionGail Hetland, Margie Norton, Diane Wickwire
Spiritual SupportAndy Kessler
Special Thanks toGeri Landeros, Lori Devine, Glen Moses, Wendy Gaffey, Hindey Moser, Jennifer Moser, Ida Granger, Jason Granger, Cathy Yokota, Dana Stady, Lisa Greene, Jill Dixon, Amy Pierce, Michael S. Glosecki, Virgin Customer Service
CastRobert Hirschboeck (as Henry Stauf), Douglas O'Keeffe (as Curt Denning), Suzy Joachim (as Robin Morales), Frances King (as Samantha Ford), Michelle Gaudreau (as Marie Wiley), Mark Padgett (as Chuck Lynch), Holly Weber (as Eileen Wiley), Marco Barricelli (as Chief Martin), Debra Ritz Mason (as Martine Burden), Julia Tucker (as Julia Heine), Larry Roher (as Ed Knox)
Original Music byGeorge Alistair Sanger
CinematographyCalvin Kennedy
Sound RecordistsSherman Archibald, Waldo Thompson
Stunt CoordinatorAlison Reid
Dedicated in memory ofCatherine Anne Bartz-Todd

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (173432), Jeanne (76671) and formercontrib (160146)