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dtp entertainment product page (UK):
    A three-man activist group has set out to make the world a better place by stealing famous pieces of art in the world's most renowned museums, selling them to private collectors, and donating the money to charity.

    Though hunted by police forces, the group manages to stage one successful coup after another - until one day a mysterious new client appears and the group finds itself in the middle of a political conspiracy...

    Key Features
    • Mystery conspiracy adventure game with unexpected story twists
    • Current, believable game world
    • Contemporary visual language
    • Pointed script
    • Fast-paced, dynamic narration
    • Interesting technical gadgets that allow realistic interaction with the environment
    • 4 different playable characters on both sides (police & activists)
    • Accessible thanks to very moderate difficulty
    System Requirements
    Pentium® IV 1,6 GHz, 512 MB RAM (Windows® XP) / 1GB RAM (Windows® Vista), 128 MB RAM Shader 2.0 Graphics card DirectX®9 Soundcard, 4 GB Hard disk space, DVD-Rom drive Mouse, Keyboard.

    Pentium® Core2 Duo® 2,0 GHz, 1 GB RAM (Windows® XP) / 1,5 GB RAM (Windows® Vista), 256 MB RAM Shader 2.0 Graphics card DirectX9 Soundcard, 4 GB Hard disk space, DVD-Rom drive, Mouse, Keyboard.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on Mar 29, 2011.

dtp entertainment AG press release (June 02, 2009):

    Stealing art for good causes: dtp entertainment announces sophisticated PC adventure game 15 Days at E3

    Hamburg/Germany, June 2nd, 2009 – dtp entertainment and House of Tales today announce the PC adventure game 15 Days at E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. The new project by adventure gaming specialist House of Tales will be published next winter.

    15 Days is a fast-paced and sophisticated adventure game about Cathryn, Mike and Bernard - a troupe of political activists – stealing art for good causes. In meticulously planned coups, the three Londoners living in a hip loft steal precious paintings from the best guarded museums in the world. The group then donates their millions, Robin Hood style, to development projects in Africa. Their goal is to share out the money of eccentric art collectors to the poor.

    “We unfold the narrative in two parallel storylines and let the action rotate quickly between four main characters. This makes 15 Days a fast-paced and very dynamic adventure game – both in terms of narrative and aesthetics”, says Martin Ganteföhr, Creative Director of House of Tales. The Bremen/Germany-based developer studio is responsible for several award-winning genre highlights such as Overclocked – A History of Violence, The Mystery of the Druids and The Moment of Silence.

    Only two weeks ago, Cathryn and her comrades broke into a special exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa. From there, they purloined the portrait of Cecil Rhodes, former British Governor of Rhodesia, nowadays Zimbabwe. The next painting to steal is a portrait of Winston Churchill located in the London Modern Museum.

    In the meantime US special agent Jack Stern has a murder case to solve. British Foreign Secretary Henston collapsed at his desk, bleeding from his ears and nose. He died the next day in hospital. As he is a member of the British government, an assassination has to be considered. Agent Stern’s attention is caught by a note about the transport of Rhodes’ portrait from the Secretary’s office to the special exhibition in South Africa and back.

    The next weeks will be a hard trial for the young thiefes as well as agent Stern, entangling all four into affairs of international politics.

    Together with the conspiring gang, the player will steal precious paintings in spectacular coups using interesting gadgets. Their paths are destined to cross with Jack Stern regarding the obscure Henston murder. Do the anarchistic young thieves have something to do with the Secretary’s death?

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (195769) on Jul 12, 2010.

Back of Box - Windows (Germany):
    Die Kunst des Raubs...

    Das geniale Diebes-Trio der Aktivisten Cathryn, Mike und Bernhard stiehlt wertvolle Kunstobjekte aus den Hochsicherheits-Museen dieser Welt. Ihre Beute verkaufen sie meistbietend und spenden die Erlöse wie moderne Robin Hoods für wohltätige Zwecke. Währenddessen untersucht Jack Stern, Ermittler bei International Police, den rätselhaften Tod des britischen Außenministers; ein Mord ist nicht auszuschließen.

    In der Rolle der Diebe führst du spektakuläre Einbrüche durch, während du als Jack Stern der Spur zum mutmaßlichen Attentat nachgehst. Schon bald keuzen sich die Wege und die Geschichte erfährt eine dramatische Wendung. Gibt es einen Zusammenhang zwischen den Diebstählen und dem Mord?

    • Der neueste Hit der Adventure-Spezialisten House of Tales (Moment of Silence, Overclocked)
    • Löse einen realistischen, filmreifen und actiongeladenen Krimi
    • Verwende die modernsten Hilfemittel für deine kunstvollen Raubzüge
    • Spiele vier Charaktere und erlebe die Geschichte aus zwei Perspektiven

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (195769) on Jul 12, 2010.