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My sweet island home: a fairly developed settlement, with the residential city center
The more your city thrives, the more lavish the houses your citizens build. And the more the luxury they expect: Here's an exquisite cathedral.
A successful settlement depends on a steady supply of resources from mining camps...
...and from the many farms in the outskirts of the town.
Different grounds grow different crops. This steppe promontory is perfect for tobacco farms.
Once your explorers have discovered a tribal settlement, freight ships can trade surplus resources with the natives.
The sea is a dangerous place: pirates roam the ocean and attack trade ships.
Build heavily armed frigates to escort convoys and attack enemy fleets.
Our army charges into the lines of a hapless enemy. Combat is real-time, units range from swordsmen to cavalry to musketeers to cannons.
Troops have entered an enemy settlement to pillage and raze.
Fires can devastate a whole city - unless there's a fire brigade close.
In the 13 campaign missions, you have to fulfil several tasks per map. (German version)
An example: In this mission, keep this tiny town running.
If your settlements are doing well, you receive rewards. This cinematic sequence celebrates your citizens' willingness to erect a triumphal arch.
The ultimate reward is a splendid palace, which you can construct out of several parts.
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