18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal Credits

Created by SCS Software

ProductionPavel Šebor
ProgrammingMartin Český, Jaroslav Dorňák, Ondrej Karny, Petr Šebor, Tibor Szabo
ArtMarek Krištof, Vojtech Lacina, Martin Lisec, Vasek Roznicek, Milan Vavroň
SoundOndřej Matějka
MusicOndřej Matějka
Additional ArtLinda Seborova
TestingLinda Seborova
Help File and Language AssistanceBrian Fearon

Published by Valusoft

ProductionCory Johnson
Testing LeadKari Morschen
Many Thanks to Online Community Testers and SupportersSteven Greeley, Sean Jeffries, Peter Armstrong, John McCutcheon, Roger Danforth Sr., Steve Felker, Don Smith, Scott Yanez, Jaroslaw Wojcik, And other beta testers!
Special ThanksODE 2001-2004 Russel Smith, Xiph.org Foundation

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