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    A bomb is aboard the Titanic II, a replica of the famous cruise ship! You are the sole person who can find where the bomb is concealed. Save the ship, and all aboard, during its maiden journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Search for Hidden Objects among original locations around the majestic ship to discover hidden diary entries and other clues to uncover the bomb`s location. Solve a century old mystery in 1912- Titanic Mystery!

    • Haunting soundtrack
    • Puzzling minigames
    • Save the Titantic II!
    • Check out our Blog Walkthrough

    Contributed by jaXen (145531) on Dec 26, 2017.

Back of Keep Case - Green Pepper release - Windows (Germany):

    TITANIC Mystery

    Reise auf der Titanic in die Vergangenheit!

    Genau 100 Jahre nach dem 10. April 1912 sticht die Titanic erneut in See. Nach den ursprünglichen Bauplänen wurde dieses legendäre Schiff abermals erschaffen. Als Nachfahre eines damaligen Passagiers bist du bei der Jungfernfahrt an Bord. Doch dies ist ein bedeutungsschwerer Fehler. Ein offenbar Wahnsinniger hat eine Bombe auf der Titanic versteckt, verrät Dir eine kurze Nachricht. Schärfe Deine Sinne und finde die Hinweise, die diese Mysterium aufklären. Finde und entschärft die Bombe - rechtzeitig!

    • 30 originalgetreue Szenen an Bord der Titanic - mit Liebe zum Detail gestaltet
    • Eine fesselnde Geschichte mit rund 200 Aufgaben und Rätseln
    • Knifflige Mini-Spiele

    Contributed by jaXen (145531) on Dec 14, 2010.

Back of Box - France:

    100 ans aprés son naufrage, le Titanic a été reconstruit à l'identique. En tant que descendant d'un rescapé, vous êtes invité à participer au voyage inaugural. Mais très vite les choses tournent mal. Quelqu'un a posé une bombe sur le paquebot ! A vous de foullier ce bateau de légende à la recherche d'indices, avant qu'il ne soit trop tard...

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (199977) on Mar 23, 2010.
    Hit New Hidden Object Game
    The launch of Titanic II is set to mark the one-hundredth anniversary of the original ship. But a mysterious adversary has hidden a bomb aboard the new ocean liner. You are the sole person who can find out where the bomb is hidden and save the ship and all aboard.

    Search for hidden objects in unique locations around the majestic ship, to discover hidden diary entries and other clues to reveal the bomb's location. Along the way you'll interact with different characters to learn little-known secrets of the original Titanic, and solve a century old mystery from that ill-fated voyage.

    Editor's Review:
    "Seek & find hidden objects in the ill-fated ship." by Spinny

    History repeating itself

    1912 Titanic Mystery takes place a few years in the future, 2012 to be specific, during the 100 year anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic. To commemorate the occasion, a replica vessel dubbed the Titanic II has been built. The ship will sail across the Atlantic, hoping to complete the journey that its predecessor began one hundred years ago. The people running the ship have even gone to the trouble of tracking down descendants of the original passengers and inviting them on board.

    Don't we teach history class in school in hopes of avoiding situations like this? Isn't the point of studying history to learn from our mistakes so that we won't repeat them? Nevertheless, this is an entertaining premise for a story. If this were happening in real life, I would probably be upset, but in the confines of a computer game, I find myself pretty entertained by it all.

    This luxury liner needs better housekeeping

    Despite the ship's fancy exterior, the inside is a disorganized and cluttered mess. But I guess that's a good thing when you're dealing with a hidden objects game.

    The locations you'll visit on the Titanic II are stuffed to the brim with a variety of objects and shuffling through everything is a lot more fun than it sounds. The different scenes look very impressive and the objects are expertly hidden, so veterans of the hidden objects genre should find a lot to like here.

    Uplifting noises

    The audio in 1912 Titanic Mystery, both the soundtrack and the sound effects, is a joy to listen to. The music is soothing and very fitting for the game's theme, and the sound effects are lively and cheerful. The noise you hear when you correctly locate something is a very positive "boopity boop" type sound, and while that may sound like a trivial detail, it actually made the game much more enjoyable than most. Too often when playing slower paced games like this I fall into a sort of trance and I just stare at the screen blankly, clicking away. With the encouraging sound effects, I was constantly aware of the fun I was having. The whole experience was very euphoric and you couldn't wipe the smile from my face if you tried.

    And the plot thickens

    When I first started 1912 Titanic Mystery, I was interested in the story, but I wasn't necessarily engaged. The premise, coupled with the fun gameplay, was enough to get me going. I really didn't know how long my attention would hold until I completed the first scene. After you find all of the items, you're asked to repair a torn piece of paper lying on the bed. I don't want to give anything away, so I'll just say that what was written on that paper got my attention and I was definitely engaged from that point on.

    1912 Titanic Mystery is a fun and entertaining hidden objects game with a plot well rooted in factual history. It may be a little silly, but it will have you glued to your seat pretty early on.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (199977) on Feb 02, 2010.