Written by  :  Baxter (41)
Written on  :  Jan 23, 2001
Rating  :  3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars

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No limits, no rules, no roads.

The Good

First of all: this is not a simulation. This game will have no appeal to those people looking for a realistic driving experience. However, if you're looking for a fun action game to play with your colleagues when you got 10 minutes left over on your lunchbreak, this is the one.

Through the use of a wealth of game modes and a broad range of vehicles (from buggies to heave trucks) this game has a lot of replay value. You will be coming back to the game again and again.

The Bad

The single player experience might be a little "thin", only buy this game if you have cheap access to Internet.

The Bottom Line

Don't expect a simulation, do expect a lot of action-packed racing and crashing .