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3-D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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3-D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe Credits


Executive ProducerSusan Folden
Senior ProducerRandy Thompson
Public RelationsSarita Churchill, Michelle Stephens
DocumentationThe Russell Group, Lawrence T. Russell, Sue Roberts

Design & Programming

ProgrammersDavid Sandgathe, Jared W. Eden
DesignersDavid Sandgathe, Jared W. Eden, Steve O. Reno, Thanks Laurie, Ryan & Lindsey, Neil Witkin
Lead ProgrammerSteve O. Reno
Art DirectorThanks Laurie, Ryan & Lindsey
ArtistNeil Witkin
Programming SupportNiels Albarran
Wonswap SupportChris Paul


Menu ArtistsKelle thanks Stephen & Hepburn the WonderDog, James Anderson
Kitchen & Menu ArtistJared W. Eden
Kitchen ArtistHelen Pai
Kitchen, Basement & Theatre ArtistLance Bass
Dinosaur Sequence ArtistSienna
Level ArtistNeil Witkin
Buildings, Menu & Trains ArtistChad Mount
Trains & Menu ArtistThanks Laurie, Ryan & Lindsey


Voice Script WritersDavid Sandgathe, Neil Witkin, Jared W. Eden
Voice DirectorsJared W. Eden, Christopher Stevens
Voice Recorder & ProcessorChristopher Stevens
Voice ActorsBill Barrett, Storm Kennedy
Preliminary Voice ActorsNeil Witkin, Carrie Dupre

Quality Assurance

QA DirectorGary Stevens
QA Supervisor ‑ SierraLaurel Randall
QA Executive Manager - DynamixLloyd Madden
Lead QA EngineersCraig Bradford, Jake Martin
QA AnalystKatrina Quan
Sierra Compatibility Lab SupervisorPat Callahan
Sierra Compatiibility Lab TesterSean Meichle
Sierra Corporate Product CertificationChris Slack


Marketing Brand ManagerLori Inman
Marketing AssistantMary Massey
Vice President of MarketingBarbara Schwabe
Marketing DirectorPaula Bynan
Web SupervisorCharles Marier
Creative ServicesKevin Lamb, Cynthia Geddis

Package Design

Creative DirectorBrandon Walker
DesignerArthur Hagman
IllustratorMick McGinty
Logo DesignerTed Witus
Film SeparationsSheri-Lou Stannard

Support Services

Business Unit ManagerSteve Van Horn
Associate ProducerDaryl L. Nichols Jr.
FinanceEarl Karp
AccountingKaren Peal
IT SupervisorDavid Stambaugh
Network TechnicianJeff DeBraal, Matt Koenig
Human Resource ManagersCandie Wilk, Carrie Dupre
Administrative SupportersMatthew Larson, Sheri Wondra
Digital VideotographersSage Freeman, Kate Alley
Media ServicerPeter Wittig


Lionell LLCJulie Laird
Nancy Bailey & Associates, Inc.Connie Billet
Manager, Creative ServicesJudy Munro

TrainTown Deluxe would not have been possible without...

people that contributed to the original TrainTownJeffrey Tunnell, Ken Embery, Chris Cole, Kristin Usher, Patrick Cook, Siah the cat, Steve O. Reno, David Sandgathe, Dan White, Peter Lewis, Drummer Boy thanks his wife Heather, Thomas Van Velkinburgh, Jeremy Adams, Rossukon Anantatho, James Anderson, Douglas Brashear, Chieh-Yang Chuang, Trent Donelson, Jared W. Eden, Shayne Herrera, Robert Lowell, Troy McFarland, Linda Panagos, Chaiporn Panichrutiwong, Neil Witkin, Brian Wright, Cyrus Yip, Don Carson, Mark Crowe, Kyle Miller, Robert Terrell, Vince Backeberg, Dennis Clevenger, Chuck Carden, Michael Perren, Kenley Schoonover, Charlie Magee, Robert Kelsey, James Carey, Kate Alley, Sage Freeman, Kenneth Rogers, Jon Lanz, Jared Keller, Michael Price, Jay Dee Alley, Douglas Kelly, Christopher Stevens, Bill Barrett, Lani Minella, Lloyd Madden, M. Andrew Binder, Trent Donelson, Nicholas Bonnichsen, Aaron Anderson, Susan Garner, Wayne Lowell, Todd Bartleson, Marti Holguin, Charles Marier, The Russell Group, Lynne Ertie, Mark Conger, Carrie Dupre, Evan Karp, Matthew Larson, Lindsey Lombard, Karen Peal, Peggy Wright, Hubert Joly, David P. Grenewetzki, Susan Folden, Kurtis Engle, David Stambaugh, Jeff DeBraal, Brian Richard Peck, Jeff Hoff, Egil G. Gloersen, Lori Inman, Kevin Lamb, Shawn Bonnichsen, Brendan Bross, Connor Bross, Chris Brown, Debbie Cheterian, James Cheterian, Katheryn Foster, Karl Foster, Roberta Fulkerson, Alison Harris, Devin Harris, Stephanie Harris, Kimberly Hill, Tiffany Hill, Ben Miller, Hannah Miller, Kyle Miller, Warren Motamedi, Bob Pope, Deidre Pope, Trudi Stuber, Brent, Devon, Kathyrn, Lilly, Quinn, Sean, Spencer

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