3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride Credits (Windows)

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3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride Credits


Executive ProducerSusan Folden
Associate ProducerDaryl L. Nichols Jr.
ProducerRandy Thompson
DesignerKyle Miller
Art DirectorAnthony Lewis
Lead ProgrammerStephen Cordon
ProgrammersJohn Leavens, Hugh Markfield
Engine ProgrammersRhett Anderson, Dariusz Lukaszuk, Piotr Lukaszuk, David McClurg, John Milnes, Richard Rayl
Pinball Design ConsultantJerry Carathers
Production AssistantJared W. Eden
Conceptual ArtDon Carson, Kelle DeForrest, Anthony Lewis, Kyle Miller
Lead 3D ArtistsJared Keller, Jon Lanz
Supporting 3D ArtistsShannon Holder, Anthony Lewis, Matthew Morgaine, Michael Price
Lead 2D ArtistShannon Holder
Supporting 2D ArtistsKelle DeForrest, Jared W. Eden
Director, Character ModelsRobert Terrell
3D Modelling and TexturesVince Backeberg, Chuck Carden, Dennis Clevenger
AnimationVince Backeberg, Chuck Carden, Dennis Clevenger
Art AssistanceBrian Hahn
Original MusicTimothy Steven Clarke
Sound EffectsTimothy Steven Clarke
Game DialogKyle Miller
Voice TalentBill Barrett, Storm Kennedy, Nick Smith
Voice Recording and ProcessingChristopher Stevens
Quality Assurance DirectorGary Stevens
Quality Assurance Supervisor - DynamixLloyd Madden
Quality Assurance Supervisor - SierraLaurel Randall
Lead Quality Assurance EngineerJake Martin
Quality Assurance AnalystsCraig Bradford, Darren Cannon, Donald Fisk
WON.NET ProducerRoss Perez
WON.NET EngineeringErik DeBonte, Mike Nicolino, David Ruf
WON.NET Quality AssuranceDavid Cain, Eric J. Harman
Marketing Product ManagerLori Inman
Web DeveloperCharles Marier
Creative ServicesKevin Lamb
Video Department DirectorJames Carey
Video DepartmentKate Alley (Manager), David Aughenbaugh, Steve Bradford, Sage Freeman, Serena Scholl
Technical SupportJeff DeBraal, Brian Richard Peck, David Stambaugh
FinanceEvan Karp, Karen Peal
AdministrationCarrie Dupre, Matthew Larson, Sheri Wondra
DocumentationKyle Miller

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (198868) and Xantheous (1300)