Written by  :  James Walter (284)
Written on  :  Feb 15, 2001
Platform  :  Windows
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An excellent pinball simulation

The Good

Overall, this pinball simulation was excellent. The outstanding feature in the game is the graphics. As you get more and more points on one of the three pinball tables available to you, you are able to carry out specific tasks (e.g build a mine). When the mine is built, after you achieve certain challenges beforehand, you will actually be able to see the mine in action throughout the rest of the game. I also liked the fact that the tables available are not just average pinball tables with a pair of flippers at the bottom. They are brilliantly designed and have themes such as a space station or a colony on Mars. The tables also have many buildings and levels on which make the game more fun.

The Bad

The music for the game is way below average for the game. When you see how much work has gone into the graphical design for the game, you would think that more time would have been spent on the music. The music on the colony table for example sounds like a constant high pitched squeal and because of this, I always play with the music off.

The Bottom Line

An excellent pinball simulation which is much better than your average pinball game. With many options to choose from as you play along with lots of challenges to carry out on each of the three tables it is a lot of fun to play. The music, however, needed a bit more work and if the music had been improved then 3D Ultra Pinball may have been the "perfect" pinball simulation.