3Tones Credits


Executive ProducersHamed Abbasi, Sergey Kloubkov, Jon Caculovic
ProducerAlex Mintsioulis
Creative DirectorRay Guo
Art DirectorPawel Romasz
ArtistsRay Chan, Alexander Kaloyan, Dan Yoshizawa, Yivgeni Matoussov (Beowulf)
Lead ProgrammerSergey Kloubkov
Sound DesignMichael Carson, Ian Boddy
Special Thanks toJean Paul Amore, All the artists that provided the music, Please support them by visiting their web sites.

Music By

"Standing in the Sun", "Jonny Laundry" from the album "Subatomic"The Spades
"The Cridge", "Yes We are Here" from the album "Japhy EP"JAPHY
"Trippin Balls"Love&Chaos
"Morning Sign" from the album "Be In"The Nameless Faceless
"Point of no return"Channel Eight
"Crunch" from the album "Bleed Seductive"Stitch Theory
"Stories to Tell", "Deeps of Slumber" from the album "Kralik EP"Kevin Kralik
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