5 Days a Stranger (Windows)

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Written by  :  Indra is stressed (20754)
Written on  :  Jul 07, 2004
Rating  :  4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars

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An AGS freeware adventure game BETTER than "todays" commercial adventure games!

The Good

I still don't know what this AGS system is, but what ever it is, it gives a great new breath of life to adventure games...even though it's only a "freeware game".

Only a freeware game? Egad, this game would totally put some commercial game developers in their place and in shame. Honestly, the last freeware game that was worth noting was Beneath a Steel Sky, but this game isn't close in comparison to that game, it sure hell is better than a lot of crappy adventure games out there...

So what's so great about the game? Hmm...I dunno, there's a lot of little things I've noticed about the game that really reminded me of the good ol'days of classic adventure game. What's that you ask? I answer= Soul.

And soul it is. I've noticed that in the start of the game...the intro. A beautiful song, and smooth animation with all the right moves, and a deep beautiful poet-like opening story. Ahhh....whoever wrote this has the gift, I thought to myself.

The gameplay is standard, more of a Lucasfilm approach than a Sierra one. Nothing really out of the ordinary about the gameplay.

The story however, although nothing "genius-like" was enough to get you curious enough to continue playing. There is an eerie like atmosphere in the game, and more than once there have been some heart-popping scenes that frightened the beejesus out of me. Since I'm a chicken when it comes to horror and honestly would stay away from it like the plague...the game wasn't horror enough to shut your eyes closed, but enough to keep the eerie mood going. Eventually the when the mystery get's resolved, it was a really great revelation...although the ending needed some work....big time.

One last note. THE MUSIC! Is one of the most beautiful compositions out-there. Since it's a freeware game I don't know if it's actually a "real composition" or just a rip-off from some other composition and turned into midi. But, IF and only IF it's a real composition made by an actual composer....Note to developers=GET THIS GUY A JOB IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT! Boy, it was really beautiful music. Can't say it any better. Even if it were a "fake", they really chose a great background music for it.

The Bad

The gameplay itself is pretty mediocre, fortunately there are only a few puzzles to solve "per day", of which will bring the story further with a cutscene...without the cutscenes, it would really get boring.

Last note, the ending was kinda cheezy. With a great intro this game gave, I expected the ending would be a little better. Although the epilogue (plus great music) helped big time to balance the bad stuff...

The Bottom Line

It's free, it's a great game and it'll give you a smile on your face when you finish the game and a warm feeling when you listen to the music. The only thing stopping you from getting this game is your internet connection...:p

I hope there will be more adventure games like this...