5 Days a Stranger (Windows)

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Written by  :  Classic Nigel (150)
Written on  :  Jul 05, 2007
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Adventure Horror At Its Best!

The Good

I’ve always felt that horror in games works best as an adventure game like Clock Tower for example and now 5 Days A Stranger is yet another example of that being true this like the Clock Tower games will actually freak you out and thus ranks as one of the best horror games I have ever played.

The story begins with a cat burglar simply known as Trilby gets a tip from his fence about the Defoe Manor and since the mansion will be empty because the last heir Clarence Defoe and his wife have just been found dead mysteriously, presumably suicide Trilby has decided to loot the place of valuables but when he gets in the house and discovers there is no loot he also finds there is no way to escape and that he is not alone in the mansion. The other people in the mansion are Philip Harty, Simone Taylor, Jim, and someone known only as AJ upon discovering the mansion you learn of the shady past of the mansion and the mystery behind your current imprisonment all taking place over 5 days.

The controls of the game are like a simply point and click, click to move and you have options to look, grab, and talk the puzzles are rather simple usually involving finding a clue in a journal or some other document and combining items to use to help you solve the puzzle the graphics are very good in the sense that he looks like a classic adventure game like Kings Quest, Or Monkey Island and the music is not an original score it was taken from an RPG Maker but it still fit’s the game well.

The Bad

There Really isn’t much to complain about unless you don’t like adventure games and the fact that this game can be completed in one sitting.

The Bottom Line

All in All this game is an excellent example of horror done right and adventure game done right it’s a very solid adventure that goes back to the old days of adventure games and its Free!!!!!!! Well unless you get the Special edition for $5.