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July 28th

The later games of the DeFoe series occur on (at least in part) the date of July 28th frequently, as that is the date when the links between the real work and the world of magic are weakest (for a variety of reasons).

However, in 5 Days a Stranger the date for when this occurrence takes place is not July 28th but is instead June 28th!

This inconsistency is retconned in Trilby's Notes and 6 Days a Sacrifice, where John DeFoe's fate and the events of the first game are both respectively moved forward one month later to the proper date.


The lockpicks Trilby uses have the identical appearance as those used by Garrett in Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age. These two games are among Croshaw's favourites.


The game's music is taken from RPG Maker 2000.


  • AGS Awards
    • 2003 - Best Game Created with AGS
    • 2003 - Best Gameplay in an AGS Game
    • 2003 - Best Dialogue Scripting in an AGS Game
    • 2003 - Best Puzzles in an AGS Game
    • 2003 - Best Scripting in an AGS Game

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