500 for Windows Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's main menu screen. The registered version allows the player to use their own picture as a background.
The Bidding Rules options
The Playing Rules options
Misere playing rules options
Game preferences
There is a comprehensive help section which covers the on-screen options, the history of the game and the rules
The start of a game. The background can be customised as can the player's names and the position and order of the cards.
When bidding has been completed the game no longer displays the action keys in the centre of the screen. Here the player and their partner Big Bird have bid nine hearts.
Cards are displayed in the centre of the screen when they are played
The game displays each trick winner clearly and the current trick tally is in the upper right.
At the end of the game the player and their partner were successful. True beginner's luck
After each round the play can be reviewed. In this mode the game replays the entire game.
After each round the play can be reviewed. In this mode the game displays the cards played in each trick with no animation
There is, naturally, a scorecard
A special mode of play, not allowed in all 500 card schools, is Misere. This is what the player's partner has bid. It means he will win no tricks and that only his hand is played
This is what a game winning screen looks like. No fireworks, no unnecessary animation. Just a simple 'You've won'.
When a game is won the cumulative totals are displayed