Written by  :  Russell Brisson (6)
Written on  :  Aug 28, 2007
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars

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A Solid Enough Effort From An Amateur Developer

The Good

I'll be the first to admit that I can't fathom the faulting of amateur games, even mediocre ones. Especially in the adventure genre, where game designing tools for years have made it one of if not the easiest genre to create games in. Not quite foolproof, but much less prone to failure than games in other generations.

And if a game is given to you for free, created by a handful if not a singular person, and not created with the benefit of millions of dollars being poured into it... How can you complain about it if the game is even anything approaching decent?

And 7 Days a Skeptic, for what it is, is most definitely more than average.

A handful of appropriate MIDI tunes that set the mood, and the same goes for the sound effects, those few that there are in a game that only spans a few hours at most.

Some gruesome bits that a horror game like this benefits from.

Actual tension when being chased throughout the station. For a game that takes up a handful of MB at the most, that's remarkable in itself. Reminded me of Maniac Mansion to no end, being chased that is.

Diverse enough characters who act convincingly enough relative to their personalities.

The science fiction setting isn't without explanations of it's inner workings. Plants that can't grow in such an environment, no one needing more than two suits since the creation of material that dirt can't cling to, a Star Trek like food creator. It sets the stage, not letting you forget that you are a few hundred years in the future on a spaceship.

All in all the game isn't anything I didn't play over a decade over... And it's not going to change the landscape of professional or amateur gaming.

But it's a solid enough space adventure romp that'll make you think, invoke more than a few emotions, and keep you busy for a few hours. So why not?

Nice little twist there at the end too. Didn't see it coming.

The Bad

Hmm. The ship looks a little bland, and there's a lack of furnishing and general things around it. Could of used some more variety, more of the science fiction "fluff" that I mentioned above, to flesh it out.

The pitter patter of everyones feet gets a little annoying too, I guess. =)

Some puzzles are more than a little hard to piece together in your mind. And though they're not as aggravating as some adventure games, they did grate on my nerves at times.

Oh yeah, the developer didn't spell "artifact" correctly. Hehhee.

The Bottom Line

A solid enough entry into amateur adventure gaming. You could do far, far worse than playing this one for a few hours.

Kudos to the developer big time for creating a mythos and making his creation into a series. Very well done.