7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour Credits


Executive ProducersMark Cottam, Ron Dimant, Mark Taylor
Director of Game DesignJohn Newcomer
Studio ManagerIlya Plyusnin
ProducerKonstantin Zavoloka
Associate ProducerDavid Shepherd
Game DesignAlexander Vedeneev
Technical DirectorMikhail Rozhkov
Lead ProgrammerAlexander Tuzhik
ProgrammerGrigory Aleksanin
Creative DirectorKirill Korneev
Lead ArtistsKirill Korneev, Mikhail Toshpulatov
ArtAlexander Lakhtin, Alexandra Petruk, Mikhail Polyanskiy
MusicVasily Shestovets (Lavaman)
Sound FXVasily Shestovets (Lavaman)
QA SupervisorJoshua Spigener, Stanislav Yudin
QATony Drake
Special ThanksJay DiNucci, Dawn McKenzie

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76646)