7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

MumboJumbo splash screen
Main Menu
The beginning high scores. (Who are all those other people?)
The introduction
The map
All about the resources
The first stage of Camelot
I used a Dice bonus
My score for the first stage
Building the Camelot castle
I've gathered two out of the five keys needed.
The effects of using a Line bonus
The first Gold Mine mini-game
The greenery resource has been added
I've built Camelot - the 1st wonder
All Power-Ups on the selection wheel. None of these are fully charged yet.
Constructing El Dorado
One of the trickier statue room mini-games
El Dorado is almost finished
All of the tiles on this board have double backgrounds and must be matched twice.
The description for Atlantis, which I think is the hardest of the seven
Camelot stage complete with maximum score
Secret location - Alien airport