747-200 Ready for Pushback Credits

Ready For Pushback

Panel DesignChris Koegler, Harald Geier, Ralph Tofflemire
ProgrammingChris Koegler, Harald Geier, Ralph Tofflemire
Advisory and ContributoryMel J Ott (credited as Captain Mel Ott), Peter Edwards (credited as Captain Peter Edwards), Dave Baucum (credited as Captain Dave Baucum), Mike Belmonte, Atlas Air
Aircraft DesignHerve Dongmo
Classic S‑ComboDavid March
Sound FilesMike Hambly
DocumentationPaul Benoit
Cover PhotoMarcel Venema

Classic 742 Takeoff Calculator

Copyright (c) 2004Tarek Sharkawy
Data Provided ByRalph Tofflemire (credited as Ralph L Tofflemire)

Classic 747-200 Fuel Planner 1.2

Copyright (c)Tarek Sharkawy
Licensed to Vmax Flight Systems
747 is a registered trademark of The Boeing Company

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