747-200 Ready for Pushback Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This is the main pilot's view showing the primary console and the field of vision at the end of the runway when waiting for permission to take-off
This is a view across at the co-pilot's station. There are all around cockpit views plus a virtual cockpit.
This shows the 747-2200(SF) in one of the three liveries available for that variant
The aircraft model has nice detail on the landing gear and the doors to the wheel wells move in a realistic manner
The pilot's main panel at night time when fully illuminated. There's also default night time setting where just the instruments are lit.
Panel 2: The Electrical panel. From here the player can start engines, monitor when ground crew have connected external power sources, etc.
Panel 3: The Radio panel.
Panel 4: This GPS panel. It looks more like a Satellite Navigation screen because the flight simulator's offering is used on training flights. It can be swapped for something more appropriate.
Panel 5: This is the overhead panel, it houses controls for the lights, anti icing and much more besides.
Panel 6: This is the console containing the throttle controls.
Panel 7: This is the INS - Inertial Navigation System
Panel 8: This is the fuel panel. This is used to transfer fuel between tanks and to heat the fuel when flying at altitude to prevent freezing
Panel 9: The Secondary panel, it deals with the air conditioning and aircraft pressurization
The new aircraft appear in the flight simulator selection menu under a new aircraft manufacturer
When the 'S-Combi' aircrew voice package is used the player gets additional information displayed in the green banner at the top of the screen
This is the Cargo Loading calculator. The 'combi-loading' calculator also looks as deceptively simple as this.
This is the supplied Fuel Planner
This is the flight simulator advanced screen where data from the fuel calculator is entered
These are the preset flights that install with the aircraft