The 7th Guest Credits (Windows)

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The 7th Guest Credits


Game ConceptGraeme J. Devine, Rob Landeros
Game DesignGraeme J. Devine, Rob Landeros
Script written by Matthew J. Costello
Lead ArtistRobert Stein III
Trilobyte ProducerDavid A. Luehmann
Executive ProducerGraeme J. Devine
Executive in Charge of ProductionStephen Clarke-Willson (Dr.)
ProducersRobb Alvey, Rob Landeros
Creative ConsultantDavid Bishop
Produced for Virgin Games byRobb Alvey, Neil Young
Music composed byGeorge Alistair Sanger (The Fat Man), Team Fat
Music produced byGeorge Alistair Sanger (The Fat Man), Team Fat
Quality AssuranceAdam Ryan, Bijan Shaheer, Paul Moore, Paul Shoener, Michael McCaa, Michael S. Glosecki, Chris McFarland
Video ProductionInage Grafx, Rogue River Motion Picture Company
CinematographyDavid Govett
Sound EngineeringStaunton Studios
Principal ActorsRobert Hirschboeck (as Henry Stauf), Douglas Knapp (as Tad), Michael Pocaro (as Brian Dutton), Larry Roher (as Edward Knox), Jolene Patrick (as Elinor Knox), Debra Ritz Mason (as Martine Burden), Julia Tucker (as Julia Heine), Ted Lawson (as Hamilton Temple)
Ego VoiceMichael Mish
Crime Scrapbook written byMatthew J. Costello
Operations Manual written byDavid A. Luehmann, Rob Landeros
Manuals Produced and Edited byLisa Marcinko
Manuals edited byLisa Marcinko
Documentation CoordinatorLisa Marcinko
Box & Image CoordinationLauren Rifkin
Documentation Production CoordinatorIzzy Izaguirre
CD BurnerDaniel Small

"The Making of the 7th Guest" Video Production

Produced byRobert Wright, Lisa Marcinko
Directed byRobert Wright, Lisa Marcinko
Written byLisa Marcinko
Edited byRobert Wright
Music byGeorge Alistair Sanger (The Fat Man), Team Fat
AnnouncerRoger Borden
Sound bySteven S. Henifin, Tommy Tallarico
Additional Footage provided byTrilobyte, George Alistair Sanger
Production Coordinated byDebbie Howell, Izzy Izaguirre, Keith Greer

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