7th Legion Credits


ProgrammingPaul Andrews
Graphics Rodney Smith
Additional ProgrammingSimon Armstrong, Aaron Koolen, Chuck Warner
Additional Graphics Grant Wallis
AnimationGrant Wallis
MusicBlair Zuppicich
SoundBlair Zuppicich
ProducersRobert A. Allen, Michael Mancuso
Assistant ProducerStan Yee
QA DirectorLeon Horne II
Quality AssuranceAdam Contreras, Scott Crisostomo, Christopher Evans, Stewart Holbrook, Vansouk Lianemany, Michael P. Gonos (Lead Tester), Kenneth Schmidt (Multiplayer Tester), Yobo Shen, Steven Head
CompatibilityJacob Hopkins, Phil Kenoyer, James Ng, Hoi Nguyen (Compatibility Manager)
Marketing Carter Lipscomb, Mark A. Rein
Imperial AdvisorJay Wilbur
Public RelationsCraig Lafferty, Kathy Sanguinetti
Special Thanks ToDavid M. Carter, Edwin Carter, Mark Chang, Kevin Flynn, Doug Gibson, Doug Hahn, Derek Guillermo McLeish, Marisa Ong, Jerome Paterno, Rick Rasay, Rob Sears, John Csicsery, Caroline de Vera, Bill Schmidt, Kip Welch, Reiko Yamamoto
Manualdesign & -LayoutMike Forge
Voice‑OverLani Minella, Ekim Osucnam
Localization LeadDaniel Berner
Production LocalizationKaren Ffinch

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sick Boy (82) and Xoleras (66885)