Written by  :  blefuscu (462)
Written on  :  Oct 17, 2001
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a bland Warhammer 40,000-inspired real-time strategy

The Good

What probably attracted people to 7th Legion is most likely the artwork behind it. It essential capitalizes on the unit designs and overall themes from the Warhammer 40,000 series. The prospect of playing a real-time strategy game set in the WH40k universe was highly appealing, especially since there had been (and up till today there still isn't) a WH40k RTS.

The little soldiers look like the Space Marines, the tanks resemble the Rhino/Whirlwind conversions, and the Assault Chassis (the mech-like robots) appear suspiciously like a cross between the Eldar Wraithlord and the Space Marine Dreadnoughts, all from Warhammer 40,000. They even sport the unit banners on their backs.

The excellent pre-rendered cutscenes also perfectly convey the feeling of WH40k. Music is well done, going along the lines of a militaristic marching theme heavy on the drums.

One departure from standard real-time strategy games is the absence of resource gathering. Rather, with every enemy unit destroyed or completed mission objective you are awarded building points. Another interesting concept are the "battle cards" that are dealt. These cards randomly give you powers such as invisibility, stealing an enemy unit's powers, etc when used.

The Bad

Sadly, the game is just not well made otherwise. The computer and friendly AIs are both fairly weak. Pathfinding is exceptionally bad, even when compared to older games with poor pathfinding such as Command and Conquer. Missions are not exciting, and the story was non-existent.

Likewise, graphics are fairly bland except during the cutscenes. The game has a washed-out pastel look.

The Bottom Line

7th Legion tried unsuccessfully to separate itself out of the deluge of real-time strategy games released during that time. Besides the well done cutscenes, there is nothing exceptional, original, nor fun about this game.