8th Wonder of the World Credits


Game IdeaThomas Friedmann, Thomas Häuser, Thorsten Kneisel
StoryYvonne Kneisel
Campagne MissionsYvonne Kneisel
Additional Campagne MissionsThomas Friedmann
Single Player MissionsStefan Wegener
Multi Player MissionsStefan Wegener
TutorialYvonne Kneisel
Egyptian CampagneSven Denda
DrawingsHeiko Achilles
Movie SequencesHeiko Achilles, Thorsten Kneisel
Movie Sequences MusicNugel Bros
ProgrammingThomas Häuser, Robert Heinrich, Peter Sprys
AI‑ProgrammingPeter Sprys
Map EditorRobert Heinrich
Art DirectorThorsten Kneisel
BuildingsMiguel Ligero Nieto
Additional BuildingseConsult IT, Tobias Frin, Frank Hoffmeister
Character DesignSven Denda
Character ModellingSven Denda
Character AnimationRalf Angerbauer
Landscape GraphicsSven Denda, Frank Hoffmeister, Thorsten Kneisel, Miguel Ligero Nieto
TexturesThorsten Kneisel
Music & SoundtrackFabian Del Priore
Additional MusicLars Hammer
Mythologic TablesYvonne Kneisel
ManualYvonne Kneisel
LayoutThomas Friedmann
Manual EditorStefan Wegener
Box DesignThorsten Kneisel
Test & QAThomas Friedmann, Thomas Häuser, Yvonne Kneisel, Thorsten Kneisel, Stefan Wegener
Best BoyYvonne Kneisel

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Frank Hoffmeister, 10 other games
Yvonne Kneisel, 10 other games
Sven Denda, 8 other games
Miguel Ligero Nieto, 7 other games
Robert Heinrich, 7 other games
Tobias Frin, 6 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (198868) and Genki (1904)