99 Action & Arcade Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main menu runs in a window. From here the player accesses the game type and level they want to play.
Tank Battle. The green tank is the player's machine. It's not animated in any way.
Tank Battle. The player is usually outnumbered.
Tank Duel. This level is the best of three ten minute rounds. Team 0 is the player's tank, team 1 is the computer opposition.
Tank Duel. The play area is a reasonable size but it's possible to drive the tank 'off the grid'. When the timer on one round expires the second round starts immediately.
Space Shooter. This game is very much like a tame version of Space Invaders
Space Shooter. This is the end of the game. There is no high score and no progression to the next level.
Asteroid Hunter. The start of game/level three. Here the player has two wingmen. Theyassist by firing at the asteroids but they also make the craft larger
Asteroid Hunter. This screenshot shows some of the bonus items.
Planet Defender. The start of level three.
Planet defender. The player can venture well away from the home planet to destroy the asteroids. There's a bonus item hidden among the rocks on this screen.
Planet Defender. This is the game over screen. The 'Unmortal' bonus and having minus one lives illustrate the quality of the games in this package.
Up-Shooter. This shows the game being selected from the main menu. The game objectives and controls are shown in the central area.
Upshooter. This is more like Galaxian as the enemies swoop down the screen unlike Space Shooter where they advance in ranks
Robot Arena. The start of level three where the player must kill as many enemies as possible in thirty minutes. The big red ball shows the direction in which the weapon is pointing.
Robot Arena. In this part of the maze there's a gun on the ground. This has to be collected and used on the robot at the end of the row
Space Race. The start of level one's race
Space Race. This is the corner, the player uses the mouse to steer
Space Race. The start of level seven, the track is a different shape but the game remains the same
Cannon Shoot. The objective of this level is to destroy 300 tanks in 30 minutes without letting 150 tanks sneak past
Cannon Shoot. So far the number of tanks destroyed far exceeds the number that have got past but something's happening off-screen to the left.
Cannon Shoot. The game said 'a few tanks will try to destroy you'. Seems like every tank on the screen is headed my way!
Interceptor. Part way through level one, here the number of craft and bombs has not yet begun to increase.
Interceptor. Eventually the game reaches a point where the enemy craft and the rain of bombs is continuous
Interceptor. This is level ten, the player must protect the buildings and visit the corner to reload.